Five attractions of Gojo Sensei from “Jujutsu Kaisen”, who are the strongest, good-looking and impressive!

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My name is SYO and I am a film writer. This time I will write about Satoru Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen”, as requested by the editorial board.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is now so popular that it has become a social phenomenon. The original comic is sold out one after another, related goods are also sold out immediately, the TV anime is also a big hit, and above all. I have been following this work since it was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, and I love it.

So, I will introduce the fascination of Gojo-sensei in five parts. In the first part, I’ll focus on the story that has already been adapted into an anime, but in the second half, I will broaden the topic. So, please keep in mind that I will mention stories that are not made into anime yet if you are an anime version fan. I hope that you will read this column with a broad and peaceful mind as “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha”.

1. Overwhelming power, which is obvious that he is the strongest


First of all, I’ll introduce a brief overview of “Jutsu Kaisen”. It is a story about Jujutsu Sorcerer, who fight against curses. The main character, ​​Yuji Itadori, came into contact with the Jujutsu Sorcerer when he became the vessel of the strongest and worst king of curses, named Ryomen Sukuna. Then, he enters the Tokyo Jujutsu High School in Tokyo, where he gains experience as a sorcerer. The teacher who guides Yuuji is Satoru Gojo.

The most attractive thing about Gojo-sensei is that he is strong. The original author Gege Akutami makes him appear in the story because, to borrow Gege Akutami-sensei’s words, he wants to the “ceiling”, which is easy to understand. As the author says, Satoru Gojo is the man at the top of the Jujutsu Sorcerer. The attraction of shounen manga is, after all, strength. When we see him, we can’t help but think, “Cool ……!” and the reader is so smitten that he conquers everything with overwhelming power in a cool way! It could be said that Gojo-sensei is the embodiment of readers’ admiration.

No matter how much trouble people around him get into, the tables are turned soon after he arrives. He is a cheat character, a star, and a character. And it’s natural that characters like Kasumi Miwa say “Oh, no! It’s a real Gojo Satoru! It’s real Gojo Satoru!” when they see him.

2. Arrogant to any enemies because of his strength


Gojo-sensei is strong in any way, but what is interesting about him is that he is also aware of the fact that he is the strongest. Therefore, he snaps the upper and Cursed Spirit in a condescending tone. What an irreverent man! However, he will inevitably get a backhanded blow when he tries to snap them since he is the strongest. This makes him a man of self-reliance. Nevertheless, being strong is justice. Regardless of whether the opponent is strong or cunning, he is cool enough to go on a rampage and beat them.

In the real world, we often have no choice but to hold back if we want to go on strong. I envy Gojo-sensei because I taste the sweets and bitters of life…… His lines which we want to say just for once, such as “Don’t worry, I’m invincible”, “My student is here, so let me show off a little”, “I haven’t forgiven them… for taking a young person’s youth away. Not even one of them”, “Of, well. I guess I’ll be a little rough” are also his fascination.

By the way, Gojo-sensei is too selfish and is quite annoying to those around him, but that is amusing. Kento Nanami’s words, “I do trust and have faith in him, but I do not respect him!” perfectly describe who Satoru Gojo is.

3. Fascination in the battle scene, getting it along when taking off the eye mask


As a man of the so-called genius type, Gojo-sensei is so strong that he wears an eye mask and sunglasses to suppress his abilities. When he exposes his eyes, it is a signal that he is getting a little serious. The behavior is super cool and makes you want to shout “Open your eyes! Also, his eyes are wonderfully clear and beautiful.

Such behaviors are probably one of the reasons why Mr. Gojo is so popular. In the anime version, you can also enjoy the voice changes of Yuichi Nakamura, the voice actor who plays many popular characters in Jump anime, such as Bruno Bucharati in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” and Hawks in “My Hero Academia”. He also has a good voice that he uses to enhance his performance in key scenes.

Mr. Gojo is not only good at fighting with cursed energy but is also strong in hand-to-hand combat. And it is thrilling when he activates one of his special moves, the “Infinite Void”! It was so exciting that I even want to say, “Can’t he do it by himself?

4. Loneliness as a strongman, a sad past hidden in his heart

Now, let’s move on to the stories which are not made into anime yet in the next two sections. Satoru Gojo is a strong character, but he doesn’t get everything in his hands. He harbors regrets deep inside his heart. This “scar” makes him a more profound character.

When Mr. Gojo was in high school, his rival and partner, Suguru Geto, fell into the dark side and became a Curse User. Gojo tried to stop him, but he couldn’t make up his mind to do anything about it after a conflict …… Gojo, who has gone his separate ways from his best friend, says that he cannot be strong to save others, and only he can save those who are ready to be saved by others.

Not only is he strong, but also the fact that his sad past pushed him to become the strongest. Eventually, Gojo became a teacher and met Suguru Geto again as an enemy. The story is contained in Volume 0 of “Jutsu Kaisen,” so if you have not read it yet, please read it. Your impression of Mr. Gojo will change drastically when you read it together with the above episode.

5. Moving on the right path even though keeping madness in his mind

The shocking part of the story I mentioned above is that Gojo, as a student, awakened to his abilities and becomes tainted with madness at the same time. Gojo is driven to the brink of death, and in the process, he grasped the core of his Cursed Energy and changed as if he were different people from Gojo, and Geto was surprised at his change. At that time, he asks Geto whether they kill ordinary people or not in front of people. Gojo even says that he wouldn’t feel anything if he kills people.

Of course, Gojo-sensei still has occasional glimpses of “darkness” even after becoming a teacher, and shows mercilessly when he beats up the Cursed Spirits. However, the look of madness he showed in the past editions is always horrifying to see. On the other hand, he has decided to withstand and train the younger generation. Even though he is usually playful, his true intentions and aims are well-reasoned and he is thinking about the future of humanity. In short, he is a person who has obtained the heart of a hero on his own.

That is why he secretly regrets when Yuji suffers and is concerned for him. It is the same for Megumi Fushiguro and others, for whom he has shown his kindness from their childhood. Gojo-sensei, who is reasonable, is the strongest of them all for sure.


Satoru Gojo has captivated many people. Of course, his appearance may be part of what makes him so popular, but there is much more to him than just his looks. It is inevitable that he is a character you want to continue to follow.

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