The 35 Most Favorite Romance Anime Movies of All Time

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Japanese anime films cover a wide variety of genres, including romance, romantic comedy, science fiction, fantasy, battle, and mystery.

Therefore, “ANIME SAMURAI” surveyed 150 Japanese people about their favorite romance anime movies of all time. The results are shown here in a ranking format, along with the reasons for their choices.

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Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.1 “Your Name.”

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Release Date: August 26, 2016
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Original Work: Makoto Shinkai
Production Company: Comics Wave Film
Theme Song: “Zenzenzense”, “Sparkle”, “Dream lantern “, “Nandemonaiya” by RADWIMPS
Official Website

First place goes to “Your Name.” It is an animation film directed and written by Makoto Shinkai, one of Japan’s leading animation directors. It is a story of a mysterious phenomenon called “switching” that occurs between Taki Tachibana, a high school boy living in Tokyo, and Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl living in a country town, and the events surrounding a comet that approaches the earth for the first time in 1,200 years. The film’s highlights include a worldview filled with a sense of fantasy and scale, overwhelming visual beauty and elaborate scenery depictions and a love story between two people whose destinies are at the mercy of each other. The film stars the voices of popular Japanese actors Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi. The film grossed $361 million at the worldwide box office and won the Best Screenplay and Best Director awards at the 40th Japan Academy Awards in 2017, the first time ever for an animated film.

Reviews and comments

Two people meet by transcending time and space, transcending destiny, and they come together. The dramatic development of their lives and their love expands from here on out, making this a top-quality romance anime. (HideG)

The pictures are beautiful. The story is wonderful, and the music is timed quite well, so I was very moved when I saw it in the movie theater. (Fu-tan)

The great visuals by director Makoto Shinkai and the music by Radwimps are a perfect match. The setting in which men and women switch places, and the complexity of the film due to the displacement of time axis, all come together in the end. I never get tired of watching it over and over again. (hiro460)

I loved the way the two people who weren’t supposed to meet, met through a dream and gradually became attracted to each other. Even though they have forgotten each other’s names and existence over time, it was very moving to see them meet again in the end. The music was also wonderful. (Tsuyan)

The love story that transcends time is wonderful. The music matched the story perfectly, and I love this movie. The voices of the cast are also very comfortable and fit the characters. (Coconuts)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.2 “Whisper of the Heart”


Release Date: July 15, 1995
Director: Yoshifumi Kondo
Original Work: “Whisper of the Heart” by Aoi Hiiragi
Production Company: Studio Ghibli
Theme Song: “Take Me Home, Country Road” by Yoko Honna
Official Website

In second place is “Whisper of the Heart” produced by Studio Ghibli. It was based on Aoi Hiiragi’s manga of the same title, produced by Hayao Miyazaki, a leading master in the Japanese animation film industry, and directed by the late Yoshifumi Kondo, who worked on “​​Kiki’s Delivery Service” The story is about the miracle of girlhood love and encounters, and shows the faint love story between Shizuku Tsukishima, a junior high school girl who loves books, and her classmate Seiji Amazawa, a boy who is good at playing the violin and dreams of becoming a violin maker in the future. The film is a highlight of its sensitive portrayal of teenage emotions, such as complex girlish feelings, adolescent worries, and anxieties and longings for the future, and it will grab the hearts of those who see it. The film is still very popular after 28 years of its release.

Reviews and comments

I chose this movie because I like the picture. Also, the main character is a junior high school student, so this film shows faint love that makes my heart ache every time I see it. (Aboji)

The last scene makes me swoon no matter how many times I see it. (Mami)

I like it because it gives me a sense of youth. I have watched it over and over again, but when I watch it as an adult, I can remember my school days and feel nostalgia and sadness at not being able to go back. (Hamahama)

Seiji is cool no matter how many times I see it and I love this movie. It depicts adolescent love, anxiety and hope for the future in a bitter-sweet way, so when I was a student, I watched it with sympathy, and now that I am an adult, I watch it with nostalgic feelings. The song “Country Road” is more poignant when you are an adult. (Ridon)

This is my favorite Ghibli movie. The realistic depiction of love is wonderful, and the story of a junior high school student’s problems and struggles that affect their love life is very moving. (ks)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.3 “The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie”

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Release Date: May 20, 2022
Director: Masato Jinbo
Original Work: “The Quintessential Quintuplets” by Haruba Negi
Production Company: Bibury Animation Studios
Theme Song: “Gotobun no Kiseki” by Nakanoke no Itsutsugo
Official Website

Third place went to “The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie”. This is the concluding episode of the TV animation “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” based on the popular manga by Haruba Negi, which has sold more than 20 million copies in total. The story is about a coming-of-age love story of a high school boy, Futaro Uesugi, who is a high achiever and takes on the role of a tutor for five identical sisters (Ichika Nakano, the eldest; Nino, the second; Miku, the third; Yotsuba, the fourth; and Itsuki, the fifth), all of whom hate studying, and his struggle to guide them to high school graduation. The story follows Futaro, who is about to marry one of the five sisters, as he reminisces about his high school days, so that we do not know who he married until the very end, and finally find out in this film, the climax of the series. This is a moving masterpiece that continues to capture the hearts of those who have seen it.

Reviews and comments

This is my favorite romantic movie. It is a sequel to the anime, and the story mainly unfolds during the final chapter, the cultural festival, and you can’t help but be on the edge of your seat wondering who will end up together. The five children are all cute above all. I chose this work because it is one of the works that I remember watching while knowing only one of them would be chosen, and that the other four wouldn’t, but hoping that they would all just get together. (aykoala)

Each of the quintet heroines has their own personality, and the love story between them and the main character was very interesting (taka1401)

I was very interested in the heroines of the five sisters, and I wondered who would end up with the hero in the end. (KOJI_17)

This was made into a movie after the anime series on TV became popular. You’ll be moved by the characters with different personalities, when they hesitate, cry, and be in joy. (Haruka)

This was a long-awaited movie after the 1st and 2nd series of the anime. The heroines are so cute. The main character was insensitive and it was hard to tell who he’d hook up with till the end, which made it interesting. (Watadesu)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.4 “5 Centimeters per Second”

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Release Date: March 3, 2007
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Original Work: Makoto Shinkai
Production Company: CoMix Wave Film
Theme Song: “One More Time, One More Chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki
Official Website

No.4 is “5 Centimeters per Second,” directed by Shinkai Makoto, the same director of “Your Name.” which ranked in first place in this ranking. “5 Centimeters per Second” won the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize, the highest award at the Future Film Festival in Italy. It is an animated series of three short films depicting the changes caused by time and distance between a man and a woman who were attracted to each other. Episode 1 is “Cherry Blosson”, which is about Takaki Tono and Akari Shinohara meeting again. Episode 2 is “Cosmonaut”, which shows Takaki from others’ points of view. The last is “5 Centimeters per Second”, which shows wondering of their mind. This movie shows a sad but realistic love story, which gained tremendous support from fans.

Reviews and comments

I chose this film because it was the first romantic anime film I saw that moved me to tears. (Polaris)

A man and a woman are attracted to each other, but they keep crossing paths and can’t seem to get together. It is frustrating to watch, but it is strangely realistic and makes you realize that real-life romance is not sweet and sour at all. It is a mysterious work that leaves you feeling refreshed after watching it. (Shurokucinema)

The story of sad love is very attractive and I love the atmosphere of this work. (Merci)

The background and the sadness of the story are vivid. I think it’s amazing that a story that could happen anywhere in normal life can be so beautifully depicted. (Sakura)

The contrast between the main character, Takaki, who has been thinking about Akari for a long time, and Akari, who is looking forward to the future, is great. I like the sadness of the story and the music by Masayoshi Yamazaki. (Tictactocks)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.5 “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”

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Release Date: September 1, 2018
Director: Shinichiro Ushijima
Original Work: “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” by Yoru Sumino
Production Company: Studio VOLN
Theme Song: “Shunkashuto” by sumika
Official Website

In fifth place is “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas,” which also became a big hit as a live-action movie. It is based on the hit novel by Yoru Sumino, which has sold more than 3 million copies in total. The story begins when “Me,” a high school student who has no interest in other people and is always reading books by himself, picks up the diary of Sakura Yamauchi, the innocent and popular girl in his class. Upon reading the diary, “Me” learns that Sakura is suffering from a pancreatic disease and has very little time left to live. The highlight of the film is how “Me” is swept away by Sakurara’s unrestrained behavior and tries to enjoy life to the fullest until her last day, and how his heart grows and how the two of them deeply connect with each other. This is a much-talked-about work that has caused a great sensation.

Reviews and comments

I like this film the most because it teaches me a view of the world and of life that I had never known before. (BOX)

I was moved by the theme of illness and the story of rebirth. (Ebishi)

I watched both the live-action and the animated film, and I was impressed by the anime’s unique qualities. I was impressed by the way the high school boy who avoids getting involved with other people meets the heroine and grows up with her, and I was moved by their fleeting love story (Annie)

It’s a great anime movie with a touching story (Yotan)

It’s a film that is fun, sad, and thought-provoking. (Yopa)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.6 “A Silent Voice”

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Release Date: September 17, 2016
Director: Naoko Yamada
Original Work: “A Silent Voice” by Yoshitoki Ōima
Production Company: Kyoto Animation
Theme Song: “Koi wo Shita nowa” by aiko
Official Website

Coming in at 6th place is the feature-length animated film “A Silent Voice” produced by Kyoto Animation. The story is based on the manga of the same title by Yoshitoki Ōima. The story centers on the reunion and growth of Shoko Nishimiya, who has a congenital hearing impairment, and Shoya Ishida, a boy who used to bully her and depicts the connections and miscommunication between people. The sensitive subject matter of hearing impairment and bullying is portrayed with a sensitive story and psychological portrayal, and adolescent friendship that tries to overcome the pain of not being able to understand each other is a moving film that touches the hearts of the audience. The film won numerous awards, including the 40th Japan Academy Awards – Best Animated Feature Film, the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival – Animation Division Excellence Award, and the Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2017 – Animation of the Year Grand Prix in the Theatrical Film Division.

Reviews and comments

I like this work because it is a little different from a royal love story, and there is a sense of reality in the negative aspects of human nature and the struggles unique to adolescence. (abeille)

I chose this film because of its boldness in touching on sensitive issues such as disabilities and bullying. The psychological depiction of old classmates and the awkward distance between them is quite realistic. (Denjumushi)

I chose this movie because although there are many heartbreaking scenes, it is moving and makes you want to root for the growth of the hero and his relationship with the heroine. (Kuro117)

The hero, who used to bully the heroine, faces his own stupidity and rebuilds his relationship with the heroine. The heroine tries her best to tell him that she loves him, but the frustration of not being able to convey her feelings is sad, sweet, and sour. (Batako)

The scene where Shoya mistreats Shoko made me feel indescribable at first. However, I was moved by the story in which he tries his best to face Shouko. I personally like the story where he mistook her little brother as Shouko’s boyfriend. The scene where the classmates get together on the bridge to talk and the story about Shoko’s mother is also thought-provoking. (meitantei)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.7 “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -The First Kiss That Never Ends-“

Release Date: December 17, 2022
Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama
Original Work: Aka Akasaka
Production Company: A-1 Pictures
Theme Song: “Love is Show” by Masayuki Suzuki
Official Website

The seventh place goes to “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -The First Kiss That Never Ends-.” Based on Aka Akasaka’s very popular comic series that has sold more than 22 million copies. This is a theatrical anime that depicts the aftermath of the third season of the TV anime “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”. Set in the student council of a prestigious high school attended by geniuses, the film depicts a “love-brain battle” between Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice president, and Miyuki Shirogane, the student council president. They are in love with each other but cannot be honest because their pride is too high. The highlight of the movie version is their stable daily life together as Christmas approaches, and even after their first kiss, they are still unable to become lovers. This is a work that can be enjoyed throughout the series.

Reviews and comments

The rich Kaguya-sama and the poor Shirogane, two geniuses, are too new to love, and it is interesting to see them fall in love like elementary school children because they have no experience with love even though they have feelings for each other. Their silly tactics in trying to get each other to tell their feelings for each other are a must-see. (Koyaya)

The romantic element is light, but the psychological warfare between the two is very interesting. (Shaberu panda)

I like this anime movie because they like each other but can’t confess their feelings to each other honestly. (Ringo-oshi)

I like the movie because it is a comedy and I have liked it ever since the TV anime. The movie is also very funny and touching. (Moeru heart)

I like it because it is a mixture of puns, seriousness, and romantic warmth, and it is a film that is easy to watch and never gets boring. (Kinopi)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.8 “Violet Evergarden: The Movie”


Release Date: September 18, 2020
Director: Taichi Ishidate
Original Work: “Violet Evergarden” by Kana Akatsuki
Production Company: Kyoto Animation
Theme Song: “WILL” by TRUE
Official Website

In eighth place is “Violet Evergarden: The Movie.” Based on Kana Akatsuki’s light novel of the same title, this is the final film version following the movie “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll” which was released after the TV series was broadcast and caused a frenzy around the world. In this ensemble drama, Violet, a young girl who once fought in the military, begins her career as an “auto-note puppet” and comes to understand the hearts of people as she comes into contact with the emotions of her various clients. The completely new feature film version unfolds after a letter is found. The film won numerous awards, including the 44th Japan Academy Prize for Best Animated Feature Film, for its highly skilled depiction of scenery and delicate psychological portrayal. Its one-of-a-kind worldview has captured the hearts of fans.

Reviews and comments

“The frustration of not being able to connect with the single-minded Violet and the stubborn major grows, and the moment when their feelings are finally released is irresistible” (marumegane).

I love the way the main character is portrayed as a mechanical child who starts her letter-writing job to learn the meaning of “I love you” from the major, and as she becomes a doll, she meets many people and comes to know sadness and happiness, and Violet gradually changes. It is a movie that makes me cry a lot. (Sunoko)

I can respect the heroine’s healthy love and her act of writing letters of happiness to many people. (Tokimi)

This is the number one anime that makes me cry! The drawings are just amazing, as it is produced by Kyoto Animation. I was moved by the main character’s decision at the end of the story. It is an anime movie that can be enjoyed even if you have never seen it before, but if you have seen the TV version, you can also cry over the growth of the main character, so I highly recommend you to watch it. (Masao1111)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.8 “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”

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Release Date: July 15, 2006
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Original Work: “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” by Yasutaka Tsutsui
Production Company: Madhouse
Theme Song: “Garnet” by Hanako Oku
Official Website

Also in eighth place is “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.” Set in the same world as the 1965 science fiction novel by Tsutsui Yasutaka, which has been adapted to film numerous times, this work depicts a world about 20 years after the events of the original work. The main character is Makoto Konno, a second-year high school student and niece of Kazuko Yoshiyama, who was the main character in the original novel. Makoto, who has the ability to jump back in time, has various experiences and thoughts while spending time with her classmates, including Kousuke Tsuda, an aspiring medical student, and Chiaki Mamiya, a transfer student. The highlight of the film is Makoto’s search for the meaning of the irreplaceable time in her life. The film won numerous awards, including the Best Animated Film at the Japan Academy Awards and the Special Award for Best Feature Film at the 31st Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

Reviews and comments

A great combination of science fiction and coming-of-age, this is a film that shows you what you want to see.” (Rowling)

It has a charm that makes you want to see it again, even though you’ve seen it many times.” (find168)

The animated version, despite being remade many times, has a new feel to it, and the simplicity and humanity of the main character makes it easy to get emotionally involved in the story. I also like that it ends with an atmosphere that cannot be described as a happy ending” (Tsuchiyama12076)

The scene where the heroine Makoto returns to the past to meet the hero, Chiaki, was wonderful.l” (Ayuka)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No.10 “The Garden of Words”

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Release Date: May 31, 2013
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Original Work: Makoto Shinkai
Production Company: CoMix Wave Films
Theme Song: “Rain” by Motohiro Hata
Official Website

No.10 is “The Garden of Words,” following “Your Name.” in the first place and “5 Centimeters per Second” ranked 4th place, it’s also an animation film directed by Makoto Shinkai. Set in modern-day Tokyo, this is a love story about a mature 15-year-old boy, Takao, and a mysterious 27-year-old woman, Yukari, who meet during the rainy season and begin to have feelings for each other. Takao, who aspires to become a shoemaker, skips school on rainy mornings to draw sketches of shoes in a Japanese garden in a park. One day, he meets Yukari, who is drinking a can of beer by herself. Yukari says a certain waka poem to Takao, and the two begin to meet only on rainy days, and gradually begin to have a heart-to-heart talk. The highlights of the film are the various depictions of rain, such as a downpour, an evening shower, and a torrential downpour, the beauty of the visuals that can be smelled from the heart, and the fragile love story that seems to tear apart the heart.

Reviews and comments

This is a quality film that shows that love is also about things that don’t work out. (Hiru)

An animated film that touches the heart with a sense of the fragility and loneliness of a boy struggling with so-called forbidden love. There are many depictions of rain, which is considered difficult to depict, and the beautiful drawings and the overwhelming atmosphere are very impressive and draw you in just by watching it. I chose this film because I love it. (Nampure)

The sweet and sad love story depicted in the quiet sound of rain, the beautiful images, and the realistic scenery of Shinjuku is one-of-a-kind. It’s an important film that I want to watch over and over again. (Bari)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time: No. 10 “Weathering with You”

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Release Year: July 19, 2019
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Original Work: Makoto Shinkai
Production Company: CoMix Wave Films
Theme Song: “Is there still anything that love can do?” by RADWIMPS
Official Website

Also in tenth place is “Weathering with You,” which follows “Your Name.” in the first place, “5 Centimeters per Second” in fourth place, and “The Garden of Words” in 10th place, an animation film directed by Makoto Shinkai. The film depicts a boy, Hodaka Morishima, who runs away from home in Tokyo from a remote island in an era when the weather is out of harmony, and a girl, Hina Amano, who has the mysterious power to make the weather clear just by praying. They meet and choose their own way of life while being tossed around by fate. The film depicts a beautiful and sad love story between a boy and a girl, and the “Shinkai World” spun with overwhelming visual beauty and delicate language. The film won the Best Animation Award and the Best Music Award at the 43rd Japan Academy Awards.

Reviews and comments

It is very moving because of the beauty of the picture and the perfect timing of the song inserts. The scene where Hodaka struggles for Hina is very moving. (Manati)

I love the music, the pictures, and the story. (Ringo)

Ranking of the most favorite romance anime movies of all time No.12 and below

No.12: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
No.12: Teasing Master Takagi-san
No.12: Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to That Day
No.12: Summer Wars
No.12: Howl’s Moving Castle
No.12: The Anthem of the Heart
No.18: Orange: Future
No.18: Aladdin
No.18: Wolf Children
No.18: Given
No.18: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish
No.18: Touch: Sebangou no Nai Ace
No.18: Fruits Basket: Prelude
No.18 : Maison Ikkoku Last Movie
No.18: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions the Movie: Take on Me
No.18: Boys Over Flowers
No.18: Ocean Waves
No.18: Mobile Suit Gundam Series
No.18: A Whisker Away
No.18: Candy Candy
No.18: Love Me, Love Me Not
No.18: Doukyusei
No.18: Beauty and the Beast
No.18: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Total 35 works)

Romance anime movie Q&A

Q1 What is the best romance anime movie?

According to a survey of 150 Japanese people, “Your Name.” is the best romance anime movie. For more information, click here.

Q2 What romance anime movies should I watch?

Here is the list of what you should watch based on a survey of 150 people. Your Name. / Whisper of the Heart / The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie / 5 Centimeters per Second / I Want to Eat Your Pancreas / A Silent Voice / Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -The First Kiss That Never Ends-. For more information, click here.

Q3 What are the top5 the most loved romance anime movies?

According to a survey of 150 Japanese people, here is the ranking of favorite anime movies. 1. Your Name., 2. Whisper of the Heart, 3. The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie, 4. 5 Centimeters per Second, 5. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. For more information, click here.


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