Top 9 Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time

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Baseball anime, with its heart-stirring developments, has always been one of the most popular genres of all time.

Therefore, “ANIME SAMURAI,” conducted a survey of 150 Japanese people about the most interesting baseball anime of all time. The results are presented here in a ranking format, along with the reasons for the selections.

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 1“MAJOR”


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Year of release: 2004
Director: Kenichi Kasai
Original Story: “MAJOR” by Takuya Mitsuda
Production Company: Studio Hibari
Theme Song: “Kokoro-e” by Road of Major
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No. 1 was “MAJOR. This is a monumental landmark in Japanese baseball animation based on a popular comic book that has sold more than 55 million copies. The story follows the life of the main character Goro Honda, whose father is a professional baseball player, as he sets his sights on becoming a professional baseball player like his father and eventually pursues his big dream of becoming an MLB player. The first series of the anime depicts Goro’s life from his childhood at the age of 5 to the Little League version in elementary school, with the highlight being the growth of Goro’s exceptional talent and passion. The original story is known to have many fans among Japan’s leading baseball players, including ex-MLB player Masahiro Tanaka. The anime ran through its sixth series, followed by the 2008 movie “MAJOR: The Winning Shot of Friendship.

Reviews and Comments

Goro overcomes various obstacles as he grows as a baseball player and as a human being. This is the work that gives us encouragement by his figure. At first glance, the main character may seem selfish, but he goes straight for baseball, and his attitude of not being afraid to speak his mind to anyone is inspiring to the people around him and the viewers watching him. I learned all the fun of baseball from “MAJOR” (A-san)

This is a masterpiece of baseball manga that has been loved for a long time. What makes it unique is that you can watch the baseball life from childhood to adulthood and the relationships involved in it with the same feelings as the characters. (JOYMAN)

Goro’s activities and struggles are depicted with a sense of actuality, which makes the readers thrilled. The characters of the rival teams and other characters are also amusing, so I never get tired of reading about them. (Reebock)

The main character’s efforts to become a professional baseball player from a young age are very moving. It is an anime where you can learn about baseball, so it is very rich in content and highly satisfying. (Minpon)

I like the main character Goro Shigeno’s passion for baseball and winning, and the fact that he grows up cooperating with his friends. His indomitable spirit to overcome any difficulties he faces is one of the best parts of the anime. (Take)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 2 “Touch”


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Year of release: 1985
General Director: Gisaburo Sugii
Original Story: “Touch” by Mitsuru Adachi
Production Company: Group TAC
Theme Song: “Touch” by Yoshimi Iwasaki
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In second place was “Touch”. It is based on a very popular comic book series that has sold more than 200 million copies in total. The story is a coming-of-age story about twin brothers, Tatsuya and Kazuya Uesugi, and their childhood friend, Minami Asakura, and their romance and growth, with high school baseball as its theme. Tatsuya, the older brother, is a smart but capricious man, and Kazuya, the younger brother, is a brilliant and hardworking man. Minami, who has been spending time with both of them since before she can remember, enters Meisei Gakuen High School, while the two have been aware of each other as the opposite sex. Kazuya joins the baseball club to fulfill Minami’s wish to take him to the Koshien, but Minami has feelings for Tatsuya… A tragedy strikes them. The anime is an everlasting masterpiece with an excellent balance of baseball, romance, and serious elements, and is still immensely popular more than 30 years after its broadcast.

Comments and Reviews

It is a masterpiece that never fades away no matter how many times you watch it, no matter how many years pass. The portrayal of Kazuya and Minami, who are shaken up not only by baseball but also by love, the good tempo of the story, and the acting ability of the voice actors, all of which are well balanced. It reminds me of my youth as a student when I look back on it as an adult, which is also appealing, and I can enjoy it even though I already know the stories and the developments. (Mapipi)

It is a baseball manga and is also an interesting love story. The younger of the twins dies and the older inherits his spiritual legacy, and the girl he grew up with cheers him on. I want to watch and watch and watch it, no matter how many years pass. (KM)

The baseball elements are of course interesting, but the focuses on human relationships, such as love, daily interactions with family and friends, and trivial troubles, are also interesting as if they were high school students. I also really like the director who gives the impression of a villain and yet who has the character which makes you feel that it’s hard to hate entirely. (Metal Kinoko)

Even if you are not interested in baseball, I assure you will like the content. The ups and downs of the story, not just the happy ending, is a development that has not been seen in recent anime. It is an anime that will always remain in my heart. (Jackson255)

Although there is a strong romantic element, I am moved by Tatsuya’s steady efforts to practice baseball and improve his physical strength from scratch on behalf of Kazuya, and Minami’s adorable character will capture our hearts over time.” (Tictactacks)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 3 “Ace of Diamond”


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Year of release: 2013
Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara
Original Story: “Ace of Diamonds” by Yuji Terashima
Production Company: MADHOUSE and Production I.G
Theme Song: “Go EXCEED!” By Tom-H@ck featuring Masayoshi Oishi
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In third place was “Ace of Diamond.” It is based on a popular comic book series that has sold more than 40 million copies. The story is about Eijun Sawamura, who joins the prestigious baseball club of a high school in Tokyo, and struggles to become the ace of the team while engaging in friendly competition with other geniuses of the same age group. The story is a coming-of-age tale of high school students who grow up while suffering. The main highlight of the story is the high school students’ growth through their struggles, and it is enthusiastically supported by fans as a realistic baseball manga that does not stray too far from reality. It is also characterized by its depiction of MLB trends. The anime has been produced up to the third series.

Reviews and Comments

The story does not contain special moves, nor does it focus on anything other than baseball, such as romantic elements, but is purely about high school baseball. The characters are great and there is a lot of passionate development, and I think it will appeal to people who have been devoted to something. (Kashiyun)
The manga realistically depicts high school baseball, and players other than the main character also have strong characters. The balance between guts and technique is very comfortable. The main character is very passionate, but there are many calm, skill-based players around him, and the rival schools that appear are also attractive” (Deino)

The anime uses plays that could happen in real life, and there are times when you watch the anime and want to say, ‘Oh come on, that’s unrealistic!’ I chose this work because it uses plays that could actually happen, Also, the fact that the characters are not all the same and that each one’s activities are depicted is also appealing. (kok)

I am impressed by the way the members of the strong school work hard and engage in friendly competition. I like that not only always winning but also losing is depicted, which makes the strength of the team stand out even more. The depiction of individual effort and teamwork makes me think that baseball is great. (Chitara)

The main character Sawamura’s weapon is his moving straight ball. With this straight as his weapon, he enters a strong school in Tokyo. I became emotionally involved in Sawamura’s growth through dormitory life and was fascinated by the way Sawamura and the team, who were inexperienced players, overcame their problems one by one and went on to win the hard-fought summer tournament. I also think that the team’s struggles after becoming second-year students and joining a new team are portrayed in a very realistic manner. (koby)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 4 “Big Windup!”


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Year of release: 2007
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Original Story: “Big Windup!” by Asa Higuchi
Production Company: A-1 Pictures
Theme Song: “Dramatic” by Base Ball Bear
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No. 4 was “Big Windup!”. It is based on a popular comic that is credited with revolutionizing baseball manga. It won the 10th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award, Shinsei Prize. The story depicts the growth and struggles of a high school baseball player aiming for the Koshien, the National High School Baseball Championship. Ren Mihashi is the protagonist of the story. He is a pitcher who joins a newly established high school baseball club despite his traumatic experience with baseball. While the story is a royal tale of a high school’s weak baseball team overcoming difficulties and aiming for the Koshien championship, the protagonist is a weakling, a crybaby, and a sneaky character, a unique setting that makes him far from a hero, so to speak. The delicate psychological portrayal and detailed depiction of daily life, which are not found in conventional sports anime, captured the hearts of fans of all ages. The anime has aired up to its second series.

Comments and Reviews

I don’t know much about baseball, but I enjoyed watching this anime. He is a weak protagonist and it is not clear what he does or says. I had an image of baseball as a sport that requires tenacity, but I was pleasantly astonished to find that I was wrong. (ma-min)

The detailed explanations about baseball make it easy for people who don’t know much about baseball to get into the game, and the human drama element of the growth of the main character and his teammates is also well-developed and interesting. (imohashira)

The story is set in a newly established hardball club with 10 first-year players and a female manager, which is unique in such a setting, but the detailed descriptions of each game, and the psychology of the battery and hitters are interesting. (Hirayuki)

The main character, who experienced bullying in junior high school, enters high school and grows up together with his new friends, which I like because it has a very adolescent feel to it. The team is a new school with 10 first-year students and a female coach. I was a high school student at the time of the broadcast and was encouraged by the way the team made great strides against strong schools. (naoto48)

The main character is wimpy and timid but wants to take the mound more than anyone else, and his teammates who support him warmly are very good. It is very good that everyone grows under the guidance of the passionate coach who pours everything he has into the baseball team in the newly established baseball club. (yuyu-tan)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 5 “Captain”


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Year of release: 1983
Director: Tetsu Dezaki
Original Story: “Captain” by Akio Chiba
Production Company: Eiken
Theme Song: “Kimiwa Nanikaga Dekiru” by 99Harmony
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Comments and Reviews

The story is interesting because it depicts a realistic sense of club activities, without having any particularly amazing special moves. Captain Taniguchi’s growth from a dropout is heartwarming.

The captain is serious and a bit mild, but on the other hand, I was struck by his extraordinary enthusiasm for baseball. The captains change from generation to generation, but it was interesting to see captains full of personality” (Masamasa)

The way the weak baseball team gradually gets stronger through hard practice is impressive and pleasant to watch, no matter who you are” (Mixgrill).

I like the story of the main character who transfers from a prestigious baseball high school to a high school with a weak baseball team and, although he was only an alternate, he puts in a lot of effort and leads everyone as captain. I also liked his relationship with his father who goes along with his special training.” (Okaka)

I think it is an anime that teaches us the beauty of hard work. I am very moved by the way the captain pulls the team together. It’s also interesting to see how the generations change and new characters with new personalities appear on the scene.

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 5 “Dokaben”


Year of release: 1976
Director: Hiroyoshi Mitsumobu, Eiji Okabe
Original Story: “Dokaben” by Shinji Mizushima
Production Company: Nippon Animation
Theme Song: “Ganbare Dokaben” by Korogi ’73
Official Website

Also in fifth place is “Dokaben,” based on the popular comic series by Shinji Mizushima, a pioneering baseball manga author, which was serialized for 46 years from 1972 and has sold more than 48 million copies in total. The main character, Yamada Taro, nicknamed “Dokaben” for his huge body and huge lunch box, joins the baseball club at Meikun High School. Through practice and games with his teammates, he grows as a strong-hitting catcher and aims to win the national tournament held at Koshien Stadium. In addition to Dokaben’s activities, the story features thrilling and exciting games between the Meikun High School baseball club and its unique rivals.

Reviews and Comments

The characters are so unique that I always look forward to seeing what they will do. Dokaben is so kind that I never get tired of watching it, and it fills me with the desire to cheer them on. (Mami)

This work can be called a legend of high school baseball anime. The unique and attractive members such as Taro Yamada, a genius slugger, Satonaka Satoshi, a small giant, Iwaki Masami, a free swinger with a needle in his mouth, and Tonoma, a secret hitter, entertain us. You can learn the attitude of never giving up on their aims. (Jirou Yamada)

There are many quirky but fascinating characters. The story of the high school baseball team’s success at Koshien is interesting, but later on, in the professional baseball version, there are scenes in which actual players play against the main character, which was very exciting for me as a child. (Takenashi)

The unique members of Meikun High School and the battles with strong rival schools that appear one after another are very interesting” (mirao)

This is one of Mr. Shinji Mizushima’s masterpieces. There are probably no characters who have stronger quirks than those in this work. Masami Iwaki and Kazuto Tonoma were my favorite characters. Iwaki’s dynamic and Tonoma’s many secret moves were authentic. (freedom)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 5 “Star of the Giants”


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Year of release: 1968
Composition: Tadao Nagahama
Original Story: “Star of the Giants” written by Ikki Kajiwara, drawn by Noboru Kawasaki
Production Company: Tokyo Movie
Theme Song: “Yuke Yuke Hyuuma” by Ensemble Bocca
Official Website

Also in fifth place is “Star of the Giant.” This timeless national anime is based on the famous comic series that is still highly known as one of the most popular sport-oriented works in Japan more than half a century after its serialization. The main character, Hyuma Hoshi was trained as a gifted baseball player by his father, Ittetsu Hoshi, who once joined the Yomiuri Giants, a Japanese professional baseball team. After fierce battles at Koshien, the National High School Baseball Championship, he joins the Yomiuri Giants, a Japanese professional baseball team, and fights against rivals, making full use of his many magic pitches. In addition to the third series of the anime, “The Star of the Giants [Special Arc]: The Tiger, Mitsuru Hanagata” and “The Star of the Giants [Special Arc]: Father, Ittetsu” were also broadcast, both of which were reconstructions of the “Star of the Giants” TV anime.

Reviews and Comments

I was taken aback, in a good way, by Hyuma’s desperate attempts to follow his father’s spartan training methods, but I chose it because the story is very interesting and the gutsy content, which is not seen in the modern world, is fresh and worth watching. (Yasu)

For better or for worse, the word “fighting spirit” brings to mind baseball anime, and “Star of the Giants” is synonymous with it. The big league ball training gibbet was shocking. I like that Hyuma imitates my father Ittetsu Hoshi’s “chabudai gaeshi”, which means flipping the table over and getting angry with his parents. (JONAKAJO)

When I look at it now, there are a lot of weird parts, but it’s so popular that when I think of baseball anime, I think of the “Star of the Giants”. It’s funny that when I grew up I became a Yakult fan and the Giants became my natural enemy. (Nana)

The father overturns the table and the sister watches in the shadows with tears in her eyes. I think many people are shocked by the development of this viewpoint. You can enjoy the efforts of the main character, who is a serious competitor despite the gap in time. (Cat Lover)

This is the work that made me discover baseball anime. I especially enjoyed the main character Hoshi Hyuma’s passion for the Giants. I also liked the surprisingly innovative ideas, such as the big-league training gibs. (BOX)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 8 “H2”


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Year of release: 1995
Director: Akira Okeya (series composition)
Original Story: “H2” by Mitsuru Adachi
Production Company: Ashi Production
Theme Song: “Niji no Grand Slam” by Toshinobu Kubota
Official Website

Coming in at No. 8 is “H2,” which, as well as “Touch” in second place, is based on the masterpiece comic by Mitsuru Adachi, a master of adolescent comics. The series has sold more than 55 million copies. The story is about high school baseball and depicts the adolescence of four high school students: Hiro Kunimi, a pitcher, Hideo Tachibana, a hitter, Hiro’s childhood friend and Hideo’s girlfriend Hikari Amamiya, and Haruka Koga, the manager of Hiro’s baseball team, which has just a baseball fan. The highlights of the story include Hiro’s passionate attempts to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way as he enters high school and tries to be promoted to the baseball team, and the love between the four, the outcome of which is unreadable. A timeless masterpiece filled with passion and sadness.

Reviews and Comments

It was interesting to see two childhood friends face off as rivals both in baseball and romance, and I also found the creation of a baseball club with a brilliant group of players, despite the fact that the high school had no baseball team, to be interesting in a way that other baseball manga are not. (Kaityou22)

I love the original H2 manga and have read it many times, so I was very happy when I heard that it got broadcast as an anime. I read the H2 manga in my youth, so I have many memories of it, and I have the impression that it is a very interesting anime. (cloudworks)

The way the weak baseball team grows up is very youth and cool. The characters all make you want to root for them. I love the sweet and sour feeling of school days as well as baseball because of the romance involved. (Suika)

Kunimi is the ace who has a great sense of pitching and doesn’t burn up too much, so it is irresistibly great. and of course, there are times when he tries to beat him. The other characters are also appealing, and I can watch it over and over again from beginning to end. (1031)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 9 “MIX”


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Year of release: 2019
Director: Toshinori Watabe
Original Story: “MIX” by Mitsuru Adachi
Production Company: OLM
Theme Song: “Equal” by sumika
Official Website

Coming in at No. 9 is “MIX,” based on the latest comic by Mitsuru Adachi, the same manga artist as “Touch” (No. 2) and “H2” (No. 8). Set about 30 years after “Touch,” the story is about Touma Tachibana and Souichiro Tachibana, brothers-in-law with the same date of birth, who join the baseball club of Meisei High School, which is in a slump, and aim to become the first team from the generation of the Uesugi brothers, characters from “Touch,” to participate in the Koshien, the national championship. The story focuses on the team of pitcher Touma, who has exceptional talent, and catcher Souichiro, who is an excellent hitter, who form a battery and fight hard together with their teammates to see if they can make it to the Koshien Stadium in the future. The second season of the anime is scheduled to air in 2023.

Reviews and Comments

I was hooked by the original manga and watched the anime as well, as it is set in Meisei Academy, the same school as Touch. As is typical of Mitsuru Adachi’s works, the relationship between the hero and heroine is interesting, and I think the baseball game and the human relationships are the highlights. I am looking forward to the second season, which is scheduled to start soon. (Tomo)
It has been about 30 years since the legendary anime “Touch,” which featured the Uesugi brothers. This is the beginning of a new legend of Meisei High School! This is a coming-of-age romantic comedy about the Tachibana brothers, their younger sister, and their cool and cute family. The first series was a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to the second series!” (Giyushino)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 9 “ONE OUTS”


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Year of release: 2008
Director: Yuzo Sato
Original Story: “ONE OUTS” by Shinobu Kaitani
Production Company: Madhouse
Theme Song: “Bury” by Pay money To my Pain
Official Website

Also in ninth place is “ONE OUTS.” It is based on a popular comic by manga artist Shinobu Kaitani, known for works such as “LIAR GAME,” which has been adapted into live-action dramas in Japan and abroad. Set in professional baseball, the manga is a psychological entertainment featuring the ultimate deep psychological game played by Toa Tokuchi, a genius and undefeated pitcher in One Outs, a betting game held among American soldiers in Okinawa. The story is not about a pitcher who throws a hard fastball, nor does he aim for the top through hard work and perseverance, but rather depicts a psychological game that combines baseball and gambling, a setting that overturns the conventional wisdom of baseball anime, and that has captured the hearts of fans.

Reviews and Comments

The main character is a pitcher, which is not unusual, but it is interesting to see a player who does not throw a fastball, reads the opponent’s mindset, and strikes out. The baseball betting game is also attractive, and one of the interesting aspects is that the story is told through a one-night contract that is initially known only to the owner, the main character, and his secretary. (PHOENIX27)
This baseball anime focuses almost entirely on tactics as the foundation of the sport of baseball, and that’s what makes it interesting. The use of the rules of baseball and the emotions of the manager and players to win a big victory both in the score and in the “One Outs contract” was also too interesting. (Rinlin)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 9 “Gurazeni”


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Year of release: 2018
Director: Ayumu Watanabe
Original Story: ”Gurazeni” written by Yuji Moritaka, illustrated by Keiji Adachi
Production Company: Studio Deen
Theme Song: “Merigo feat. SKY-HI” by Cypress Ueno, Roberto Yoshino
Official Website

Also in ninth place is “Gurazeni”. It is based on a popular comic book series that has sold more than 3.5 million copies in total. Natsunosuke Bonda, a member of the Jingu Spiders, a Japanese professional baseball team, is a relay pitcher in his eighth year as a professional with an annual salary of 18 million yen. He is aware that his position is a humble one, hardly first-class, and he wants to make as much money as possible during his active career because he may earn only 1 million yen a year after retirement. The story is popular as a unique work that depicts the severe, ultra-differentiated world of professional baseball, behind-the-scenes stories outside the game, and second careers after retirement, through the eyes of a relay pitcher in his eighth year as a professional baseball player, with the theme of money in professional baseball.

Reviews and Comments

The main character is a mediocre player, which makes it easy to get emotionally involved in the story. Of course, he is a professional baseball player. He faces many hardships and things often go wrong and I like the way he manages to overcome them and works hard. (Taro)

This story is unique because it depicts baseball from the perspective of money and annual salaries. It portrays unavoidable money issues, in the professional baseball world, in an amusing manner without being overly serious through the main character, who is a good member of society. (Kataributa)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 9 “Samurai Giants”


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Year of release: 1973
Director: Tadao Nagahama
Original Story: “Samurai Giants” by Kajiwara Ikki, Ko Inoue
Production Company: A-Production
Theme Song: “Samurai Giants” by Shigeyuki Matsumoto
Official Website

Also in ninth place is “Samurai Giants,” based on the popular comic by Ikki Kajiwara, the same author as “The Star of the Giants”, ranked in No.5. In the off-season of 1970, Ban Banba was recruited to join the Yomiuri Giants baseball team by Tetsuji Kawakami, a manager of the team, who had required a player with wild samurai spirit. Through his hard work and perseverance, Banba thought out the High Jump Magic Pitch, the Big Swing Magic Pitch, and a number of other unprecedented special magic pitches that captured the hearts of many viewers. Another feature of the series is that players of the Yomiuri Giants at the time, such as Shigeo Nagashima and Sadaharu Oh, appear in the series with their real names.

Reviews and Comments

The unconventional character of Ban banba is attractive, but Hachiman Senpai, who supports Banba behind the scenes and in the sun, is also a very attractive character and a major attraction of the work. The passion and outrageous content of the original work by Ikki Kajiwara is funny in parts, but it also has elements that make the hearts of those who watch it burn with excitement. There are so many baseball anime, but this one stands out, in my opinion. (Someoka-san suki)

The main character Ban Banba’s goofy jokes are hilarious even though it is about baseball, and his passion for bushido at heart is a symbol of the Showa Era. Battles with his rivals, using diabolical pitching techniques are splendid, even though the scenes are obviously unrealistic. (cunimune)

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Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No. 9 “Cinderella Nine in August”


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Year of release: 2019
Director: Susumu Kudo
Original Story: “Cinderella Nine in August” by Akatsuki
Production Company: TMS Entertainment
Theme Song: “Etude” by Miyuhan
Official Website

Finally, No. 9 is “Cinderella Nine in August”. With the theme of adolescence and high school baseball for schoolgirls, this is an adolescent anime based on an interactive baseball game for smartphones in which the player coaches and trains female characters as a coach of his classmates, and together they aim for the Koshien National High School Baseball Championship. The main character, Tsubasa Arihara, enrolls in a high school that does not have a baseball team, and starts a women’s hardball baseball club with his classmate and best friend, Tomoe Kawakita. They immediately hold a trial game, but the only two participants are Yuki Nozaki, who has never played baseball before, and Akane Ukita, a shy girl who lacks self-confidence. The highlight of the show is the friendly rivalry between these two girls, who sometimes clash with each other, and the show is highly popular among readers who are not fond of muddy, unrefined baseball anime.

Reviews and Comments

I wasn’t really interested in baseball anime, but this one got me hooked. The game version didn’t last very long, but seeing the anime really lifted my spirits again. (Jappu)

“This is an anime that promotes women’s baseball! While most baseball anime have been about boys winning battles in a sporty and adolescent way, I like that it has lost the sporty aspect and has a cute and humorous feel to it. (dokuringo)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Baseball Anime of All Time: No.14 and below

No. 14: Ahiru no Sora
No. 14: Cross Game
No. 14: Miracle Giants Dome-kun
No. 14: MAJOR 2nd
No. 14: Meimon! Daisan Yakyuu-bu
No. 14: Yakyu-kyo no Uta

baseball Anime Q&A

Q1 What are the top 3 most interesting baseball anime?

Based on the survey, here is the ranking of baseball anime.
1. MAJOR 2. Touch 3. Ace of Diamond
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Q2 What is the most interesting baseball anime?

According to a survey conducted on 150 Japanese people, MAJOR is selected as the most interesting baseball anime.
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Q3 Are there any baseball anime that I should watch?

Here is the list of baseball anime that you shouldn’t miss.
MAJOR/Touch/Ace of Diamond/Big Windup!/Captain.
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