“Blue Rock Egoist Festa 2023,” the first major event in the “Blue Rock” series, will be held at Arena Tachikawa Tachihi in November.

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Blue Rock Egoist Festa 2023,” the first large-scale event in the “Blue Rock” series, will be held in November at Arena Tachikawa Tachihiri.

The “Blue Lock” series follows 300 high school students who are brought together through the “Blue Lock” project, a project to train strikers who will lead Japan to victory in the World Cup championship, as they fight to become the best strikers in the world with 299 footballers’ lives on the line. This soccer x death game manga portrays the journey of the 300 FW high school students participating in the “Blue Lock” project, as they strive to become the ultimate striker while navigating the challenge of 299 soccer lives.

The anime ran for two seasons from October 2022. Following the final episode aired, it was announced that a second season would be broadcast along with the production of “Blue Lock the Movie – EPISODE Nagi”. A stage adaptation was performed in May 2023 as well.

The first major event announced in the series is scheduled to take place with two performances, day and night, with Kazuki Ura will portray the character Yoichi Isagi and Tasuku Kaito playing the role of Meguru Bachira on the stage.

The fourth volume of the Blu-ray, set to be released on July 28, will include an entry ticket for the advance lottery to obtain event tickets. The lottery will commence on the same day as the Blu-ray release.

Date: Sunday, November 26, 2023 (two performances, day and night)
Venue: Arena Tachikawa Tachihi
Ticket price: 7,800 yen (tax included)
Performers: Kazuki Ura (playing Yoichi Isagi)/Tasuku Kaito (playing Meguru Bachira) and more…
Performers are subject to change without notice.
Organizers: NAMCO BANDAI Filmworks, NAMCO BANDAI Music Live
Event Ticket Advance Ticket Lottery
Please apply by using the “application ticket for the advance lottery for event tickets” enclosed in the “Blue Rock” Blu-ray Volume 4 to be released on July 28 (Fri.), 2023.
Application period: July 28, 2023 (Fri) 10:00~August 20, 2023 (Sun) 23:59.
Other pre-sales and general sales are also planned.
For the latest information, please visit the official “Blue Rock” website ( and official Twitter (@BLUELOCK_PR).


※ This information is for 07/07/2023. Please check the latest delivery status on each site.

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