Top 10 The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time

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Baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc… Sports anime that make us excited are one of the most popular genres.

In this article, “ANIME SAMURAI” conducted a survey of 150 Japanese people about the “most interesting sports anime of all time”. The results, along with the reasons for their choices, are presented here in a ranking format.

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Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 1 “SLAM DUNK”


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Release Year: 1993
Series Director: Nobutaka Nishizawa
Original Work: “SLAM DUNK” by Takehiko Inoue
Production Company: Toei Doga
Theme Song: “Kimi ga suki dato sakebitai” (I want to shout that I love you) by BAAD
Official Website

No.1 is “SLAM DUNK. This is a sports anime based on a popular basketball-themed comic. The total number of copies of the original series sold worldwide has exceeded 170 million. The story follows Hanamichi Sakuragi, a high school punk who joins the basketball club at Shohoku High School. As meeting a woman, he grows through friendly competition with the other members of the club. The highlight of the film is the challenge and growth of Hanamichi and the other members of the club, their bonding, and their heated gameplay. For those elements, the work remains extremely popular even 30 years after its release. 2022’s new film “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” was also a huge hit, grossing over 10 billion yen at the box office.

Reviews and comments

The growth of Hanamichi Sakuragi and exchanges between Hanamichi and the other characters are depicted. These are very interesting. It is also interesting that it includes a variety of stories within a short period of time from the first year of high school to the inter-high school tournament. (Kohei)

I think it is a masterpiece of basketball anime. The anime reminds me of my youth in high school while also having gag elements. The play-by-play details in each scene are also very well-detailed. (Jackson255)

It is not just a usual basketball manga, but covers the passion of high school students to seriously engage in club activities and the basics of how to treat others, which will lay the foundation for becoming a member of society. There are so many great quotes that I would like to use as a textbook for life, so even people who are not interested in basketball should read this work. (Sakusaku)

There are many attractive characters, and there is no end to the good points to mention, such as the process of Hanamichi Sakuragi’s growth from a Yankee to a basketball player and Kaede Nagarekawa’s sensible and cool play. The gameplay is thrilling, and the psychological portrayal of each player is well drawn, so you can get emotionally involved in the game. (Norigorilla)

The immediacy of matches and the atmosphere of venues really come through and make you feel as if we were there. characters each have their unique personalities, which makes it easy for us to empathize with their emotions and get involved in the story. It depicts not only basketball but also teaches the importance of not giving up and how cool it is to do something with all your might through basketball. (Matcha)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 2 “Hikyuu!!”

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Release Year: 2014
Director: Susumu Mitsunaka
Original Work: “Hikyuu!!” by Haruichi Furudate
Production Company: Production I.G
Theme Song: “Imagination” by SPYAIR
Official Website

Second place goes to “HIkyuu!!,” a popular volleyball-themed comic. The total number of copies of the original work has exceeded 55 million. The story is set in the boys’ volleyball club of a high school that used to be famous for volleyball. It is a coming-of-age story about Shoyo Hinata, a first-year high school volleyball player, and his unique teammates as they aim for the top of the national tournament. The anime has been produced up to the fourth season. The first season depicts conflicts between the club members, practice matches against rival schools’ teams, and the prefectural qualifying round for the Inter-High School Tournament. Many fans have been attracted by the work: for its game’s content which does entertain those who know nothing about volleyball, the unintentionally moving developments, and the characters with unique personalities.

Reviews and comments

The main character, Shoyo Hinata, grows through various experiences as he meets many people. That makes the work heartwarming. The personalities of each of the characters make the story more interesting. Some scenes are comical, and others moving. It is the kind of anime that evokes the feeling that I wish I could have spent my youth like this. (Asan)

I like that each character has his or her own feelings and that these feelings are carefully depicted. There are many quotes that stick in my mind and make me feel inspired. The work gives enough explanations of the rules of the game that it entertains people who don’t know anything about volleyball. (Chitara)

The characters are all unique and interesting! The main character, Shoyo, is like the sun, and even though he hits a wall many times, he never gives up and struggles to move forward, which gives me courage. I love this work because it teaches us the strength of the heart to never give up. (Toko)

I love this work because you can learn the strength of the spirit to never give up. It is a volleyball manga, but I think it applies to any sport. (Yuya)

The stories that focus on each of the characters are all very moving and everyone is a main character in this wonderful work that makes you want to root for every team. Hinata’s bright character also cheers me up. (Yuyutan)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 3 “The Prince of Tennis”

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Release Year: 2001
Director: Takayuki Hamana
Original Work: “The Prince of Tennis” by Takeshi Konomi
Production Company: Trans Arts
Theme Song: “future” by HIRO-X
Official Website

In third place is “The Prince of Tennis.” This sports anime is based on a popular comic book about tennis competitions. The total number of copies of the original work has exceeded 60 million. The original has been adapted into an anime and live-action film, as well as a number of musicals. The story follows Ryoma Echizen, a tennis prodigy who has won four consecutive state junior high school championships in the U.S., as he enrolls in a prestigious tennis junior high school and aims to win the national championship in the team competition. The highlight of the film is Ryoma’s growth through matches against various opposing schools and rivals, and the unique characters surrounding him are also appealing. The unique characters surrounding him are also appealing, and the series has gained deep-rooted popularity among all ages and genders.

Reviews and comments

A lot of attractive boys and their passion for tennis are very touching. Their techniques become more and more far off from actual ones so that you’ll feel like “it’s no more tennis anymore!” But it’s still fun and addictive! (Suika)

The players’ flashy and varied skills and the unique characters are very appealing. You may think the work is popular among young females, but I recommend it to men as the storyline is also enjoyable. (Suzu520)

I was impressed by two points: one is the way the players have their games with their techniques that I thought would be unreal, and another is the way they improved themselves through friendly competition with each other. It is very interesting to see the individuality of the players shining as though they are junior high school students.

I used to play tennis myself, so I watched the work multiple times. I have fond memories of joking around with my classmates, trying to imitate their special moves even though I couldn’t do them. I assure the appealing point of this anime is a large number of characters and techniques. (Takenashi)

A tennis anime with a lot of ikemen guys. Sometimes they don’t play tennis, but it’s very interesting with the scenes! The scene where Ryoma and Yukimura fight against Rikkai University-Affiliated Middle School was so hot that I was thrilled to watch it until the end! It was very interesting to see the heated battles and the stories they put in” (Noah)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 4 “Eyeshield 21”


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Release Year: 2005
Director: Masayoshi Nishida
Based on the book: “Eyeshield 21” by Riichiro Inagaki
Production Company: Gyaroppu
Theme Song: “BREAKTHROUGH” by Coming Century

In fourth place is “Eyeshield 21”. This sports anime is based on a popular comic book about American football, a sport that is rarely played in Japan. The total number of copies of the original work has sold more than 20 million copies. The main character, Sena Kobayakawa, a timid and shy boy who has just entered high school, runs away from punks who get involved with him by running through the crowd to the station. The captain of the American football team, Hiruma, sees Sena’s quick foot and forces him to join the football team. He soon participates in the tournament as a registered player named “Eyeshield 21.” The story focuses on the activities of Sena and his friends as they aim to participate in the “Christmas Bowl,” the final of the national tournament. The story is hotly anticipated and will capture the hearts and minds of fans.

Reviews and comments

The work is interesting, but it also stirs up a lot of emotions with the effort and trusts in one’s teammates. You can feel the protagonist’s emotional vulnerability and growth during the games against his rivals, and it is an interesting work that you can replace with your own and become emotionally involved in. (Susumu)

The work led me to know about American football, which I used to be unfamiliar with. I think it is a very interesting work with a lot of laughter and tears. Also, the female characters are very cute. (Yamamoto)

American football is a sport that is not very familiar in Japan, but the rules are explained here and there, making it easy to understand. Also, the growth of the main characters makes the viewer passionate, and at times the scenes are very moving. (Hirayuki)

The growth of the weak protagonist as he grows up through American football is interesting. I am an amateur in American football, but I was able to learn about the basic rules and blind spots in the rules through the anime. (naka.xu)

The rules of American football are well understood, and the brain games that use even the most detailed rules are very interesting. There are various players, such as those who specialize in strength and those who specialize in speed, and it is also interesting to see how they make the most of their individuality. (Metalkinoko)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 4 “Touch”


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Release Year: 1985
General Director: Gisaburo Sugii
Original Work: “Touch” by Mitsuru Adachi
Production Company: Group Tac
Theme Song: “Touch” by Yoshimi Iwasaki
Official Website

The fourth is “Touch”. This sports anime is based on a popular comic about high school baseball. The total number of copies of the original work has sold an astonishing figure, 200 million copies. The story is a coming-of-age story depicting the love and growth of twin brothers Tatsuya Uesugi and Kazuya Uesugi and their childhood friend Asakura Minami. Tatsuya, the older brother, is a smart but boring man, and Kazuya, the younger brother, is a brilliant and hardworking man. Minami, who has been spending time with both of them since before she can remember, enters Meisei Gakuen, a high school, while the two have been aware of each other as the opposite sex. Kazuya joins the baseball club to fulfill Minami’s dream of taking her to the Koshien, however, Minami has a crush on Tatsuya. Tragedy strikes them. The anime has an excellent balance of baseball, romance, and other serious elements, and is still immensely popular more than 30 years after its broadcast.

Reviews and comments and Comments

My mother recommended that I read this manga, but after watching the anime I became a massive fan of the work. The anime is filled with all elements such as family, friendship, romance, and comedy, and thus is well worth watching. (mu)

I think it is a pioneer of baseball manga. I enjoyed the story of the main character passing the baton from his younger brother who is a baseball elite to his older brother who is an amateur baseball player. It was also good that the older brother devoted himself to baseball and grew up to fulfill his brother’s regret for his brother’s death. (Calty2006)

The main focus of the anime is baseball, but there aren’t many baseball scenes, and the scenes where baseball is not related are what the anime is famous for. I didn’t watch it in real-time at the time, but I found the manga interesting and I liked it so much that I bought all the DVDs. I am sure that there were so many boys who admired Minami. (Nahanaha)

I have seen many sports manga from my childhood to the present, but “Touch” is the only one that is not all about sports and has a good balance of romance, friendship, and family relationships. (Nyo)

It was a very enjoyable work, full of laughter and tears. I think it is great that it is still featured in nostalgic anime programs. Asakura Minami is adorable, and at the time I wished I could have a girlfriend like her. (Tam)

Ranking of The Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 4 “Hajime no Ippo”


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Release Year: 2000
Director: Satoshi Nishimura
Based on the book: “Hajime no Ippo” by George Morikawa
Production Company: Madhouse
Theme Song: “under star” by Shocking Lemon
Official Website

Also in fourth place is “Hajime no Ippo”. This sports anime is based on a popular boxing-themed comic. The total number of copies of the original work has exceeded 96 million. The story depicts the process of the main character, Ippo Makunouchi, a bullied child from a single-mother household, who joins a boxing gym after meeting a professional boxer, Mamoru Takamura, and grows as a professional boxer and as a human being in search of the answer to true strength. The highlights of the story include Ippo’s growth through interactions with the people around him and battles with rivals, tense and deadly fights against strong opponents, and human drama woven by the characters full of individuality. The anime has aired through its third season.

The main character, who had nothing, to begin with, is introduced to boxing through a chance encounter and gradually begins to demonstrate his abilities, which is interesting. I also like the fact that the main character, who has been helping out on a fishing boat, is connected to his lower body strength and physical ability, which are necessary for a boxer. The personalities and backgrounds of the opponents are also described, and I think this is reflected well in the fight scenes during the fights. (Omochi)

This is the work that got me interested in boxing. It is an easy-to-understand anime for boxing beginners, and it is interesting to see Ippo’s efforts, his growth process, his mastery of techniques, and the growth of the other characters. (Lingling)

I think anyone can admire the way a weak person gradually becomes stronger and stronger. The courage to take the first step is very important. I was also attracted to Kazuho and the other characters. (Mix grill)

I think it is an anime that is both funny and moving. I was moved by the way the main character, who used to be a bullied child, grew up through boxing and the effort he put in. It is also exciting to see the opponents who have fought each other once appear again. The occasional gag episode is also interesting because there is a gap between the two. (zawa)

The story is about a bullied kid named Ippo who learns the fun of boxing and becomes a strong fighter through his hard work. Also, his interactions with Takamura and his friends from the same boxing office are full of humor and interesting. (mirao)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 7 “Captain Tsubasa”


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Release Year: 1983
General Director: Hiroyoshi Mitsunobu
Original Work: Yoichi Takahashi
Production Company: Tsuchida Production
Theme Song: “Moete Hero” by Hiroyuki Okita, Akari Hibuno
Official Website

No. 7 is “Captain Tsubasa”. This sports anime is based on a very popular comic book that triggered a soccer boom in Japan and expanded the playing population of soccer, which had previously been a minor sport. The original series has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide. The story follows Tsubasa Ozora, an elementary school student who believes that “a ball is our friend,” as he battles against various rivals and eventually expands his field of activity outside of Japan. Tsubasa’s goal of becoming a professional soccer player and leading Japan’s national team to victory in the FIFA World Cup was the object of admiration among children of the time. The anime has been broadcast up to the fourth series, and two OVAs, and four animated films have been released in theaters.

Reviews and comments

You know, all at once, from the start of the J-League, there were things like imitating Captain Tsubasa’s character’s shot! Triangle jumps, razor shots, tiger shots! This is the origin of sports manga! I think it’s good that the story is not only about winning, but also about individual abilities, Japan losing, Nankatsu losing, and so on. (1031)

I was a member of a local youth soccer sports team at the time, and my teammates and I used to try to imitate the signature moves of the players in the manga. Even things that we now know we could never do, at the time they were things we longed for and dreamed of, and they were the very images of soccer players that we were trying to become. There is only a few manga that has had that much influence on me. (Masamasa)

This is the anime that started the soccer boom in the 1980s. Almost all children in the world would get excited by the unique characters and special shots. I think some people started playing soccer after watching this cartoon. I was a member of the soccer club at the time, and I used to imitate the shots when I watched Captain Tsubasa. (freedom)

The manga is so popular in Japan that no one does not recognize it as a soccer manga. It tells the story of the main character, Tsubasa, from his childhood to adulthood, and yet you can read the manga without getting bored of it. It is the anime that got me started with soccer. (shimajiro)

The growth of Tsubasa Ozora who loves soccer, the many skills he acquires, and the rivals’ otherworldly soccer sense are also fascinating. It is the only sports anime that I imitated and played, so I have the strongest attachment to it. (Kunnimune)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 8 “MAJOR”


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Release Year: 2004
Director: Kenichi Kasai
Original Work: “MAJOR” by Takuya Mitsuda
Production Company: STUDIO HIBARI CO., LTD.
Theme Song: “Kokoro-e” by Road of Major
Official Website

Eighth on the list is “MAJOR.” This sports anime is based on a popular baseball-themed comic. The total number of copies of the original work has exceeded 55 million. The story follows the life of the main character Goro Honda, whose father is a professional baseball player. So, Goro aspires to become a professional baseball player like his father and eventually pursues his big dream of becoming an MLB player. The first series of the anime depicts Goro’s life from his childhood at the age of 5 to the Little League version in elementary school, with the highlight being the growth of Goro’s exceptional talent and passion. The original story is known to have many fans among Japan’s leading baseball players, including former MLB player Masahiro Tanaka. The anime ran through its sixth series, followed by the 2008 movie “MAJOR: The Winning Shot of Friendship”.

Reviews and comments

The main character’s efforts from a young age to become a professional baseball player is very moving. It is an anime where you can learn about baseball as well, so I found it to be a very rich and satisfying anime. (mingpong)

I was a member of the baseball club myself, so I am very attached to this work. I first watched the MAJOR anime when I was in high school, and I looked forward to it every week without fail. (mint)

As someone who has played baseball before, I can relate to the storyline and the feelings about baseball. (Melobon)

This is the work that got me into baseball and got me hooked on the sport. The anime is up to the sixth series, and the story continues from elementary school to the professional world, so I think it’s especially good for people who play baseball because you feel like you are growing up with them. (naoto48)

The story is fun and sometimes makes you cry as the main character, Goro, becomes active in the major leagues. I was able to concentrate on the game scenes even if I didn’t understand the rules. (nauyu)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No.8 “Yowamushi Pedal”


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Release Year: 2013
Director: Osamu Nabeshima
Original Work: “Yowamushi Pedal” by Wataru Watanabe
Production Company: TMS Entertainment
Theme Song: “Reclimb” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D
Official Website

Also at No. 8 is “Yowamushi Pedal”. This sports anime is based on a popular comic about cycling competitions. The story is about an otaku boy, Sakamichi Onoda, who loves anime and games. Sakamichi joined the cycling club at the high school he entered and rode his bicycle to Akihabara, a sacred place for otaku that is more than 45 km away one way, and before he knew it, he had developed his ability as a climber in cycling competitions, which is strong enough to climb hills. Gradually, his talent develops, and Sakamichi aims to win the Inter-High School Championship while engaging in friendly competition with his friends. The original story is a hit series that has been adapted into an animated TV series, an animated theater series, a live-action drama & movie series, and a staged series, etc. The growth and setbacks of the main character, the unique characters, the passionate bonds with friends, and the decisive battles with rivals have attracted fans of all ages. The anime has aired through its fourth season.

Reviews and comments

I had no interest in or knowledge of cycling at all, but I found the anime to be full of detailed explanations of terms, fascinating characters, and interesting stories of human drama and the past. (Imobashira)

I love the main character’s journey from using a bicycle as a mere means of transportation to becoming hooked on road racing, meeting friends, training, racing, and struggling. The characters are all full of personalities and are very interesting. (Kazu-Tora)

I had never thought much about road racing and bicycle racing before watching this anime, but it was interesting to learn a lot about road bikes. There are so many attractive characters regardless of whether they are friends or foes! (ticktocks)

The way the book portrays cycling competitions is interesting. The main character routinely goes on long bike rides over distances that would normally be tough for him, and the fact that he doesn’t even realize how much he is training on his way to school is great. (mitya)

The main character is a cyclist, which is a minor field, but it is described in a way that is easy to understand, and the development of the races is thrilling and draws the reader in. In addition, the friendship between the characters is very touching. (karin516)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No.10 “Aoashi”


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Release Year: 2022
Director: Akira Satou
Original Work: “Aoashi” by Yugo Kobayashi
Production Company: Production I.G
Theme Song: “Mushin Pakusu” by Alexandros
Official Website

The tenth on the list is “Aoashi.” This sports anime is based on a popular comic based on the theme of “J Youth,” an organization that trains high school students in Japan’s professional soccer league “J League”. The total number of copies of the original work has exceeded 17 million. The main character, Asito Aoi, a soccer boy who proclaims himself a genius, plays as a forward for a weak soccer team in Ehime Prefecture but loses his final junior high school tournament due to a violent incident. Later, however, he meets Tatsuya Fukuda, the manager of the youth team of Tokyo City Esperion FC of the J-League, who sees his unlimited potential, and he takes the entrance examination for the team. The story focuses on the protagonist’s growth as a member of the youth team while experiencing setbacks, and his friendships with his fellow players.

Reviews and comments

I was not a soccer player, but my hometown is in Ehime Prefecture, the same prefecture as the main character, and I played sports in my club, so I felt a sense of familiarity with him and got hooked. It’s an anime that makes you want to root for them as they work hard toward their dreams. (Taro)

The main character in sports anime is usually a genius or a genius, but in the case of Asito, even though he has a good eye, he is an amateur at first in terms of technique and strategy, so it is interesting that we can learn about soccer techniques and even what happens when he does not have the ball. (Nanasshy)

It’s a rare anime set in the J-Youth world. It is very realistic as unrealistic depictions of Captain Tsubasa and Blue Rock do not exist. There are players around the world who have a bird’s eye view of the game, and the soccer commentary in places makes it easy to watch. (PHOENIX27)

The manga is fascinating because of its focus on side-backs, which is unusual for a soccer manga. I myself am an experienced soccer player, and I am drawn into the work because the world of soccer is depicted in a very realistic way. (SW)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 10 “Aim for the Ace!”


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Release Year: 1973
Director: Osamu Dezaki
Original Work: “Aim for the Ace!” by Sumika Yamamoto
Production Company: Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation, Tokyo Movie
Theme Song: “Aim for the Ace!” by Kumiko Osugi
Official Website

Also at No. 10 is “Aim for the Ace!”, a popular comic book about tennis. This is a sports anime based on a popular tennis-themed comic. The total number of copies of the original work has exceeded 15 million. The main character, Hiromi Oka, enrolls in a prestigious tennis high school and joins the tennis club, fascinated by the brilliant play of Reika Ryuzaki, the ace of the tennis club, who is called “Madame Butterfly”. However, her talent is discovered by the new coach, Jin Munekata, and she begins to develop her talent through rigorous training. The story depicts how Hiromi, a tennis novice, overcomes fierce bullying and hardships as she grows into a top-notch tennis player, and is a milestone in tennis anime that created a frenzied tennis boom among boys and girls of the time.

Reviews and comments

When I saw it for the first time, even as a child I was reminded that if you want to improve at anything, you have to work hard, and you can’t grow without doing anything. (Kaityo22)

I loved Hiromi Oka’s growth, her love for senior Todo, and the brilliant and cool character of Madame Butterfly. Hiromi was brave but had a strong core, and I started playing tennis because I admired her so much at the time. (Rose)

This is my youth. I joined the tennis club because I admired Hiromi Oka. Thinking about it now, I don’t think there are any high school students like her, but back then I was crazy about her. The guys were all good-looking, too, and it was a lot of fun. (Papaye)

I enjoyed watching it again and again. The main character Hiromi’s perseverance makes me feel like I can’t lose to her. The coach’s devilishness is also worth watching, and the other characters are too rich and interesting. (Mami)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time: No. 10 “Blue Lock”


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Release Year: 2022
Director: Tetsuaki Watanabe
Original Work: “Blue Rock” written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, illustrated by Yusuke Nomura Production Company: Eight Bit
Theme Song: “Chaos Ga Kiwamaru” by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
Official Website

Also at No. 10 is “Blue Lock”. This sports anime is based on a popular soccer-themed comic. The total number of copies of the original work sold is over 21.5 million. In order to create an absolute ace striker who will lead Japan to the World Cup soccer championship, the country launches the project “Blue Lock (Blue Prison). Under the condition that anyone who fails the test will be permanently disqualified from joining the national team, 300 high school students, including the main character, Yoichi Isagi, are gathered together to take the test to become the world’s best striker. The story grabs the hearts of viewers with its fresh setting in which the strongest players are those with overwhelming individuality and egos rather than help and friendship with their peers, as well as its fascinating characters.

Reviews and comments

In a normal soccer manga, the team members don’t change, which can get boring, but Blue Lock uses a death game format to make the characters change fluidly and shed light on many of them. That’s what makes it interesting. (NO_NAME)

My child watched it and we got hooked on it together. The content is interesting, and the way the current soccer players play makes you wonder if they are from Blue Lock, so I became interested in soccer as a whole, not just anime. (pon)

I found the concept of calling together 300 high school students and having them play a survival game very interesting. I was also shocked that Ryosuke Kira, who is known as a treasure of the Japanese soccer world, was forced to leave the game in the first episode. (kok)

The boys who love soccer and seriously compete with each other and become stronger through winning and losing are fascinating. I like that the main character doesn’t keep winning all the time, but rather grows while thinking about it after losing or when he senses a gap in his abilities. (sakuramore)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time No. 10: “Kuroko’s Basketball”

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Release Year: 2012
Director: Shunsuke Tada
Original Work: “Kuroko’s Basketball” by Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Production Company: Production I.G
Theme Song: “Can Do” by GRANRODEO
Official Website

No. 10 and last is “Kuroko’s Basketball.” This is a sports anime based on a popular basketball-themed comic. The total number of copies sold of the original work has exceeded 30 million. The shadowy protagonist, Tetsuya Kuroko, and Taiga Kagami, who returned from America, join the basketball club at their high school, which is in its second year of existence. Kuroko looks unassuming compared to Kagami, who plays with high potential, but Kuroko was once the phantom 6th man, playing alongside the five genius players of “Generation of Miracles” at his junior high school. Eventually, the two established a style of play with Kuroko as the shadow and Himegami as the light, and together with their teammates, they aim to become the best in Japan. The anime was broadcasted through its third season, and a theatrical anime was also released in this hit series.

Reviews and comments

This is an anime that is full of “Oh, there’s no way they actually have that style of play!” The fact that the focus is not on the flashy and glamorous players, but on the humble blacks, is also interesting. (tyranomama)

All of the characters are cool, so you can guess a lot of them. In terms of content, the change of feelings of the Teikou Junior High School members and the Winter Cup final are super exciting! (giyushino)

The characters are very attractive. The animation has a very beautiful design, and when each character goes into the zone, it’s so cool that I got hooked. Each character has his or her own past, and the combination of the five members of Generation of Miracle, Kuroko, the sixth who is a phantom, and Kagami, who meets Kuroko and rapidly develops his talents, is interesting and the sports anime that got me hooked the most. (Mamin)

Each character has unique abilities and is very interesting. The characters of Kiseki’s generation are cool. Especially Kise. The main character is Kuroko, who is no more than an average player if he played normally, but he makes the most of his lack of shadow and plays with the opposing team with his passing and defense. (saya)

Ranking of The Most Interesting Sports Anime of All Time No. 14 and below

No. 14: Ace of Diamond
No. 14: Burning Kabaddi
No. 14: YAWARA!
No. 18: Tsurune
No. 18: Pro Golfer Saru
No. 18: Whistle!
No. 21: DAYS
No. 21: ONE OUTS
No. 21: RE-MAIN
No. 21: Ashita no Joe
No. 21: Attack No.1
No. 21: Ahiru no Sora
No. 21: Inazuma Eleven
No. 21: Iwa-Kakeru! -Climbing Girls-
No. 21: Shoot!
No. 21: Backflip!!
No. 21: Hinomaru Sumo
No. 21: Scorching Ping Pong Girls
No. 21: Big Windup!

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Q2. What is the most interesting sports anime?

According to a survey conducted on 150 Japanese people, SLAM DUNK is selected as the most interesting sports anime.
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Q3. What sports anime I should watch?

Here is the list of what you should watch.
SLAM DUNK/Hikyuu!!/The Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21/Touch.
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This article introduced the ranking of the most interesting sports anime of all time. If you are interested in these works, please check them out on video streaming services!

※ This information is for 04/11/2023. Please check the latest delivery status on each site.

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