Magazine Heroine Fest at TOWER RECORDS

07/14/2023 by

TOWER RECORDS is set to host the exhibition “MAGAZINE HEROINE FEST at TOWER RECORDS” from August 5th (Saturday) to August 20th (Sunday), 2023 at its Shibuya store, followed by another event at the Fukuoka Parco store from September 2nd (Saturday) to September 18th (Monday, public holiday).

The venue will feature captivating “stage displays” dedicated to various anime works, including popular titles like “The Quintessential Quintuplets” and “Rent-A-Girlfriend”. These displays will serve as the highlights of the event. The exhibition area will be adorned with life-size stand panels featuring heroines in stunning costumes. Additionally, there will be LP panels and designated photo spots for visitors to enjoy capturing memorable snapshots and engage in other on-site activities.

Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive exhibition merchandise adorned with newly created illustrations at the merchandise corner. As an added incentive, those who make purchases during the exhibition period will receive a bonus gift on a first-come, first-served basis.



※ This information is for 07/14/2023. Please check the latest delivery status on each site.

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