Top 9 Best Live-Action Adaptations of Japanese Anime

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Which anime series have achieved great success with their live-action adaptations? This article will reveal the results of a survey conducted with 150 participants, focusing on anime series that have achieved significant success through their live-action adaptations and have been favorably received.


No. 1: Gintama

“With plenty of original scenes not found in the original work, a splendid cast portraying each character, and impressive acting skills, this work offers a delightful experience even for fans of the original who can enjoy it with ease. Just when you think they won’t go that far, the cast members pleasantly surprise by surpassing those expectations and delivering their performances flawlessly. Particularly, Kagura portrayed by Kanna Hashimoto is true to the original Kagura, so I highly recommend watching it.” (maro36)

“When the initial teaser was released, I was in disbelief that Gintama was being adapted into live-action! However, upon watching it, I was impressed by the high level of visual fidelity with actors and actresses who looked as if they had stepped out of the manga, and their ability to capture the essence of Gintama’s humor in a positive way. The action scenes were also captivating, making it an enjoyable and entertaining experience.” (taichitong)

No. 2: Rurouni Kenshin

“I used to think that a live-action adaptation would be impossible due to the unique special moves and depth of the characters. However, I believe they managed to achieve a sense of realism by calmly and quietly clashing swords during the combat scenes. Despite significant story cuts, they effectively captured the essential elements in visual form, leading me to consider it a successful work.” (TekeTeke)

“Live-action adaptations of anime that are well-received are not very common, but this particular production was exceptional. The lead actor, Takeru Sato, delivered genuinely powerful action sequences that held my attention and kept me engaged throughout. While I was initially wary of seeing a beloved manga adapted, this work surpassed my expectations.” (Natsuki)


“With lead actor Tatsuya Fujiwara and other talented actors like Kenichi Matsuyama, there was a strong sense of realism and presence beyond that of the manga. Moreover, the original ending provided a satisfying and seamless conclusion that everyone could agree with, which was also a positive aspect.” (Nick)

No. 3: Kingdom

“The casting was superb. There are instances when adapting anime to live-action doesn’t quite capture the original essence, but this production skillfully averted any sense of disparity. Even the challenging roles unique to anime were faithfully brought to life through the talented performances of the cast, and that was truly remarkable.” (Tama)

No. 3: Tokyo卍Revengers

“It was seamless to see various characters, with the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki at the center. Among these characters, the battle scenes stood out for their intensity, and the direction unique to live-action was also well done.” (BOX)

No. 6: Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler
No. 7: Nodame Cantabile
No. 8: Rurōni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Roman Tan
No. 9: Chihayafuru
No. 9: Laid-Back Camp

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