Yor Forger from SPY×FAMILY

Top 12 most popular girl anime characters with black hair

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There are various female characters with different hair colors, such as black, gold, blue, and pink in Japanese anime works.

Therefore, ANIME SAMURAI surveyed 300 Japanese people, focusing on female anime characters with black hair, a style that is uniquely Japanese. The following is a ranking of the “favorite female anime characters with black hair,” along with the reasons why they chose them.

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Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.1 Yor Forger from “SPY×FAMILY”

Yor Forger from SPY×FAMILY

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Year of release: 2022
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Original Story: “SPY×FAMILY” by Tatsuya Endo
Production Company: WIT STUDIO, CloverWorks
Theme Song: “Mixed Nuts” by Official Hige Dandism
Official Site

No.1 is Yor Forger, one of the tritagonist of “SPY×FAMILY.” The story is an action comedy about three individuals: Twilight, a skilled spy played by psychiatrist Loid Forger, Yor, a female assassin, and Anya with telepathic abilities, who build their first temporary family. They struggle with daily troubles while keeping their true identities hidden from each other. Yor, with long black hair and red eyes, is a professional assassin who works for the city hall and has the code name “Thorn Princess.” She married Loid, who was looking for a wife for some reason and became Anya’s stepmother. Despite her perfect looking and high fighting skills, she is hopelessly unskilled at cooking. This gap and her efforts to provide for her family attracther fans.

Reviews and comments

Yor-san is goofy, but I love how she tries her best as a mother and wife, and how she spends time with her family. (Kichi)

She is the best assassin, but I like that she also has cute aspects. For example, when she is depressed because she is not a good cook. (Umi)

The black color of her hair is also good because it gives both the impression of maturity and the darkness as an assassin. (Miyo)

It’s cute that though she is perfect as an assassin, she is usually poor at cooking and is at the mercy of Anya. It’s also nice that she makes daily efforts to be a good wife and mother even though she is clumsy. (Niachi)

The gap between her calm and polite tone and her extraordinary physical abilities is very attractive. The dynamic battle scenes are also very cool. (Kirico)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.2 Nico Robin from “ONE PIECE”

Nico Robin from ONE PIECE

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Year of release: 1999
Series Structure: Junki Takegami, Hirohiko Uesaka, Shoji Yonemura
Original Story: “ONE PIECE” by Eiichiro Oda
Production Company: Fuji Television Network, Toei Animation
Theme Song: “We Are!” by Hiroshi Kitadani
Official Site

No.2 is Nico Robin, a character from “ONE PIECE”. The story is an adventure battle in which Luffy, a boy who yearns to become the King of the Pirates, goes on a long journey to find One Piece, which is said to contain the treasure of the pirate king, Gol D Roger. Nico Robin, a pirate and archaeologist, is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates captained by Luffy. She was raised in Ohara, a sacred archaeological site that once existed in the western sea, and travels to decipher the text of history, and stone inscriptions that exist throughout the “Grand Line”, in order to unravel the mysteries of the Void Century in history. Her willingness to sacrifice herself for the sake of her friends and the way she revealed her true desire to live, as she says “I want to live” to Luffy for the first time in her life moved a lot of people.

Reviews and comments

Robin is a cool beauty with a great style and long black hair, but I love the gap such as her crumpled face when she cries and the smile that she often shows. (Rōbin)

I admire her because she has an image of an intelligent adult. Her long black hair is also nice. She is truly my ideal woman because she is cool but also has a funny side as well. (Tama)

It’s amazing that she is cool, beautiful, and mysterious, but she can also be passionate about her friends. (Nora)

I love the “Water 7 Arc” where Robin’s past is revealed, which I think is the best part of the anime. She used to call people by their titles, such as captain, but after she is saved by the Straw Hat crew, she starts calling them by their names, and you can see her laughing a lot and deeply trusting her friends, which makes me cry. (Babochan)

She is a character who is cool and beautiful with black hair. She also looks cute, smart, and knowledgeable. She is a very important character in the story, and I like that she is a little sadistic. (nononoririri)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.3 Mio Akiyama from “K-ON!”

Mio Akiyama from K-ON!

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Year of release: 2009
Director: Naoko Yamada
Original Story: Kakifly
Production Company: Kyoto Animation
Theme Song: “Cagayake! GIRLS” by Sakuragaoka High School Light Music Club
Official Site

In third place is Mio Akiyama, a character from the popular anime “K-ON!” which has greatly influenced the music industry. Based on a four-frame manga by Kakifly, it shows an everyday school comedy about four high school girls who join a light music club on the verge of being discontinued and form a band called “Ho-kago Tea Time (After School Tea Time)” to rebuild the club. Mio Akiyama, with long, straight, and black hair which is long enough to reach her waist, is a freshman who was coaxed into joining the light music club by her childhood friend Ritsu Tainaka. Although she is a beautiful girl who is diligent and high-achieving, she is shy enough to have avoided playing the guitar and chose the bass guitar because it stands out. On the other hand, she is willing to work hard to achieve her goals, and such a gap makes her so popular.

Reviews and comments

I find her black hair and neat appearance cool and feminine. She is also shy, which I think is really cute. (Mei)

She is a cool girl. But she is also shy, and the gap between her appearance and her personality is cute. (Neneko)

Mio Akiyama is a very cute girl with long black hair. She is the one who gets nervous when it comes to talking with strangers and gets too shy to stand out from the crowd. But she’s even attractive in that she loves the bass guitar and the band more than anyone else and makes a great effort. (Kaidouma)

I love the fact that she can be reliable when unforeseen circumstances arise although she is usually shy and easily gets lonely, and doesn’t really like horror stories. (Ashura)

She is a cool beauty with long black hair at first glance, but she is also cute when she gets shy. She is a good bass player and singer. Her relationship with her childhood friend Ritsu and their episodes are also good. (Kuronyan)

Ranking of the most popular female anime character with black hair: No.4 Nezuko Kamado from “Demon Slayer”

Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer


Release Year: 2019
Director: Haruo Satozaki
Original Work: “Demon Slayer” by Koyoharu Gotouge
Production Company: ufotable
Theme Song: “Gurenge” by LiSA
Official Site

In fourth place is Nezuko Kamado, the heroine of the popular anime, “Demon Slayer”, which caused a huge boom in Japan. This dark fantasy is based on a very popular manga that has sold more than 150 million copies. The story follows Tanjiro Kamado, a boy whose family was killed by demons, and to return his sister, Nezuko Kamado, who has turned into a demon, to human form, he joins the Demon Slayer Corp, an unofficial government organization that aims to eradicate demons, and engages in fierce battles with his friends against a variety of demons. Nezuko Kamado, with long, beautiful black hair, is the younger sister of Tanjiro, who survived an attack by the founder of demons, Muzan Kibutsuji, and was transformed into a demon when his blood was mixed in with her wounds. Her visual cuteness and the gap between her childlike innocence and her strength when her demonic instincts appear are appealing.

Reviews and comments

She became a demon, but her appearance and gestures are very cute. Also, the way she cooperates with Tanjiro and the others to fight against demons although she is also a demon is very impressive.(jijiwakame)

Not only she is cute, she is also strong. It’s breathtaking to see her holding a tube in her mouth. (Hoippun)

Her long black hair is very bewitching and beautiful. I think it is because of her long black hair makes her more distinguishable even though she is just a child. (Koma)

I like Nezuko because she is cute and cool. She says nothing but moo-moo, but that is cute. She has a lot of facial expressions, which makes me feel happy when I see her. (Giyushino)

I love Nezuko because she is charming in every way, from her kind and strong aspect when she was human, to her childlike emotions when she becomes a demon, as well as her aggressive appearance when she is awakened. (Yuri)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.5 Mikasa Ackerman from “Attack on Titan”

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan


Year of release: 2013
Director: Tetsuro Araki
Original Story: “Attack on Titan” by Hajime Isayama
Production Company: WIT STUDIO
Theme Song: “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon
Official Site

In fifth place is Mikasa Ackerman, the heroine of the anime “Attack on Titan”. The story is a dark fantasy depicting a battle between humans and Titans with overwhelming power. It takes place in the world where 100 years have passed since humans began living in cities surrounded by high walls to prevent the invasion of Titans which suddenly appeared before. It depicts the story of Eren Yeager, a boy whose mother was devoured by a Titan in front of him, fighting with his friends to drive them out. Mikasa Ackerman is Eren’s childhood friend and a member of the same Scout Regiment as Eren. She joined the Training Corps to protect Eren because he saved her life when her parents were killed by a robber when she was a child, and his family took her in. She is well-liked by fans for the way she uses her great physical abilities to defeat the Titans and for her single-minded devotion to Eren.

Reviews and comments

The conflict between her feelings for Eren and when it turned out that it was her destiny was too sad. Her ability to overpower the Titans is also fascinating. (Ororo)

The way her hair fluttered in the wind when she was flying was beautiful. Both long and short hair looks good on her. Mikasa’s black hair makes me feel close to her. (Kogashi-Caramel)

Mikasa Ackerman is a woman of true strength and very cool. And her single-minded devotion toward the person she loves is very attractive. (Hirochun-Sato)

She is a slender and beautiful woman, but she is alswell-roundednded person who graduates from the Training Corps with the highest grade. But she is cute in that she can’t speak well. I love the way she is devoted to her childhood friend Eren. (Megata-no-kyo)

She is a dignified female character, but I am attracted by the gap between the cute, girlish expression she sometimes shows. I love her humane character who seems calm but has a warm heart. (Chun)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.6 Boa Hancock from “ONE PIECE”

Year of release: 1999
Series Structure: Junki Takegami, Hirohiko Uesaka, Shoji Yonemura
Original Story: Eiichiro Oda “ONE PIECE”
Production Company: Fuji Television Network Inc, Toei Animation
Theme Song: Hiroshi Kitadani “We Are!”
Official Site

No.6 is Boa Hancock, a character from “ONE PIECE,” the same as Nico Robin who ranked No. 2. Luffy, the boy who yearns to be the King of the Pirates, meets Boa Hancock during his great adventure to One Piece, where the treasure of the pirate king Gol D Roger is said to be kept. Boa Hancock is a female pirate known as the Pirate Empress. She is the only female member of Seven Warlords of the Sea, the current empress of Amazon Lily on the Island of Women, and captain of the Kuja Pirates. As a superhuman of the Devil Fruit “Love-Love Fruit (Mero Mero Fruit), she cane to transform those who love her into stone, and she also possesses “Haki”, a high level of physical strength and fighting ability. She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world, and while she has an arrogant, high-handed, and selfish personality, she has a gap where she becomes shy when it comes to Luffy, whom she is in love with.

Reviews and comments

Speaking of black-haired beauties, Boa Hancock is the best! I like her because she is gorgeous and single-minded. I love the way she uses her ability of “Love-Love Fruit” to defeat her enemies. (Shiocombu)

I love her long black hair with hime cut, a hairstyle which consists of straight bangs, cheek-length sidelocks, and long back). It’s very cute and beautiful. She is also strong and powerful that she is called the Empress, but in front of Luffy, she is very maiden, which I like because it’s cute. (Matsuge)

She is beautiful and lovely. I also like the gap between being cool in front of everyone and becoming a maiden in love in front of her hero, Luffy. (KojiKoji)

She is usually a strong empress who never flatters anyone, but in front of Luffy, she becomes more of a maiden than anyone else, which is cute. (MICHIPIC)

She has a small, well-shaped face, a great style, and long shiny black hair, which is just a beautiful visual appeal. She is sometimes hard on men, but in front of Luffy, whom she loves very much, she changes her attitude to be very gentle and devoted, which I find very attractive. (MI1122)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.6 Akemi Homura from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Broadcast year: 2011
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Original Story: Magica Quartet
Production Company: Shaft
Theme Song: “Connet” by ClariS
Official Site

Also in sixth place is Akemi Homura, a character from the immensely popular anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” The anime is a dark fantasy featuring Madoka Kaname, a 10th-grade junior high school student who looks ordinary but actually has high potential as a magical girl, and depicts magical girls with harsh fates. The highlight of the work is its highly accomplished fairy tale horror worldview and elaborate storyline, and the girls’ personalities, backgrounds, and relationships with each other have captivated fans. Akemi Homura, with long black hair and a headband, is a weak and shy magical girl who uses time manipulation magic. She is well-liked by her fans for her courageous attitude as she fights a solitary battle without relying on anyone to save her lifesaver and best friend, Madoka.

Reviews and comments

I like the cute character design. She is strong and cool, but the way she does her best to save Madoka makes me want to cheer for her. (Mi-chan)

I’m relatable with her at so many points that she only has a few friends and has to carry everything on her own, which makes me want to support her. I think she is also a very brave and hardworking person who makes use of the strength she has gained and grows stronger through trial and error. (Momoka)

I cried because she was so courageous and willing to go through a tremendous amount of time and hardship to save Madoka and fight a solitary battle all by herself. (Marumegane)

She was a mysterious character at first, but she became as distinguishable as the main character towards the end, and I was fascinated by her fearlessness. (Momo)

I like her long black hair, as well as her visuals and cute smiles. She also has a slightly mysterious side that I find attractive! (Mintan)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.6 Kaguya Shinomiya from “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”

Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-sama Love Is War


Year of release: 2019
Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama
Original Story: “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” by Aka Akasaka
Production Company: A-1 Pictures
Theme Song: “Love Dramatic feat. Rikka Ihara” by Masayuki Suzuki
Official Site

Also in sixth place is Kaguya Shinomiya, the heroine of “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”. The anime is based on a very popular comic series that has sold more than 22 million copies. Set in the student council of a prestigious high school to which geniuses go, this romantic comedy depicts love mind games between Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice president, and Miyuki Shirogane, the student council president, who are in love with each other but cannot be honest because their pride is too high. Kaguya Shinomiya, a beautiful girl with long black hair, is the daughter of a huge financial clique with assets totaling 200 trillion yen, and is an all-around genius who can handle anything at a high level. She is popular for her cuteness that becomes clumsy only when she is in love.

Reviews and comments

She is a beautiful young lady who can study and do sports, but when it comes to love, she becomes a clunker, which is what makes her so attractive. (Pompom)

I like the way she looks down on her partner even though she likes him, and the way she gets embarrassed is really cute. She is my favorite black-haired character in the past few years. (Shiruku3)

I like the way she looks like a typical student council member, the neat and clean high school girl. I also like the fact that she is not only cute on the outside but also cute on the inside, which is very attractive and makes me want to support her. (Yamako)

I like that she is the student council president and pretends to be dignified in front of everyone, but she is a typical high school girl who is passionate about love, which is too cute. (Nako)

She’s smart, competitive, and cute, but she can’t be honest when it comes to important things. I can’t help but hate the fact that she looks so headstrong but is actually very girly. (Gottsu)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.9 Rei Hino from “Sailor Moon”

Rei Hino from Sailor Moon


Release Year: 1992
Series Director: Junichi Sato, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Takuya Igarashi
Original Work: “Sailor Moon” by Naoko Takeuchi
Production Company: Toei Animation
Theme Song: “Moonlight Densetsu” by DALI
Official Site

Coming in at No.9 is Rei Hino, also known as Sailor Mars, a character from the legendarily popular anime “Sailor Moon,” which has captured the hearts of dreaming girls. The story depicts magical girls and battles based on the themes of friendship and love among Sailor Guardians who fight against evil. The main character, Usagi Tsukino, a second-year junior high school student who transforms into “Sailor Moon.” She is a beautiful girl warrior in sailor suit who has the moon as her guardian and fights for love and justice. This work features Usagi Tsukino, her fellow Sailor Guardians, and her lover from a previous life, Tuxedo Mask and they fight to protect the earth. Rei Hino, with long, straight black hair tinged with purple, is a supernatural girl who fights by transforming into “Sailor Mars,” a battle warrior with Mars, the planet of fire and passion, as her guardian. She is a Miko (shrine maiden) raised by her grandfather, the Guji (chief priest) of the Hikawa Shrine, she is popular for her demure, cool beauty and overwhelming strength.

Reviews and comments

The gap between her strong-willed and girly side is adorable. She also has old-fashioned side, which gives her the impression of being a Yamato Nadeshiko, which means ideal figure of Japanese women, and I like her. (Blackmark)

I think she is a representative of a cool beauty with long black hair. The combination of her black hair and red color, including her costume and fire techniques, is also cool. (Mashroom)

She is usually a Miko-san, a shrine maiden, which I think is impressive. Her catchphrase, “In the Name of Mars, I’ll chastise you!” seems to show her strong spirit. I love how powerful and clear she is. (Chaoshima)

Speaking of black hair, Rei-chan is my favorite. I have always admired long, straight black hair, and Rei-chan was my starting point. (Don)

Talking about a beautiful girl with black hair, Sailor Mars Rei-chan is the best. I loved how smart and cool she was. (Hebi-Ichigo)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.10 Yumeko Jabami from “Kakegurui”

Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Quote: GYAO!

Year of release: 2017
Director: Yuichiro Hayashi
Original Story: “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” by Homura Kawamoto
Production Company: MAPPA
Theme Song: “Deal with the devil” by Tia
Official Site

No.10 is Yumeko Jabami, the main character of the popular work “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”, which has also been made into a live-action movie. The anime is a story of gambling that takes place at a prestigious school for wealthy students with a unique hierarchy. It is based on Homura Kawamoto’s manga. The main protagonist, Yumeko Jabami, with long black hair and a hime cut, is a student in the 2nd year Hana class of the Hyakkaou Private Academy, and is a beautiful girl with a ladylike demeanor. In reality, however, she is a natural gambler with outstanding insight, memory, and negotiation skills that allow her to lead her opponents to her will, and she has a talent that is far beyond that of ordinary people. The gap between her sexy and beautiful appearance and her doomed mindset as a crazy gambling addict has made her popular, and her unusual love of extreme gambling with risk has won the hearts of her fans.

Reviews and comments

At first glance, she seems calm, but the part where she shows an insane obsession with gambling was shocking. I think her beautiful long black hair suits her. (Memeko)

I like her long black hair and her beautiful and sexy visuals. I also like the gap between her beautiful appearance and her characteristics which has a crazy aspect as the title says. (Ojan)

She is a female character who loves gambling and deeply enjoys both winning and losing. I like the way she discovers cheats and fairly wins complicated games. (Rua)

She looks cute with long black hair. Her personality is a little crazy, which makes me become obsessed with her. I admire her as a cute girl. (Poporu)

I love the madness in her calm demeanor. I think the character with long black hair and red eyes is typical and yet amazing. (Parumi)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.10 Eru Chitanda from “Hyouka”

Eru Chitanda from Hyouka

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Year of release: 2012
Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Original Story: “Classic Literature Club series” by Honobu Yonezawa
Production Company: Kyoto Animation
Theme Song: “Yasahisa no Riyuu” by ChouCho
Official Site

Also at No.10 is Eru Chitanda, the heroine of “Hyouka”. The anime is based on the “Classic Literature Club” series of mystery novels by Honobu Yonezawa, and is a popular work by Kyoto animation. It is a school mystery in which the main character, Houtarou Oreki, who wants to do everything rationally, joins the “Classic Literature Club” of Kamiyama High School, which is on the verge of being closed, and is pushed around by his curious classmate, Eru Chitanda, while trying to solve numerous difficult cases, including a 45-year-old mystery hidden in the club. Eru Chitanda, with her long and straight black hair, is the head of the Classic Literature Club, who joined the club to find something. She has the neat appearance of a young lady and is usually calm, but when she finds something interesting, she says, “I’m curious, “Watashi kininarimasu” in Japanese and her big eyes light up, and the gap when she is a bit insensitive is appealing.

Reviews and comments

I like her curiosity and a little bit of goofiness. Also, her long, straight black hair goes well with her neat appearance. (Hayuu)

She’s a character full of curiosity and it’s cute when she says “I’m curious”. She is the typical neat and tidy girl and I like that. (Airi)

I like her because she has an interesting gap between her neat appearance and her goofy personality, and she is charming which gets everyone around her involved and moves them. (Knt)

She is the talented daughter of a wealthy farmer, but she is soft-spoken, honest, and humble. Her intense curiosity is attractive, but it seems hard for those around her to be pushed around. I guess that’s what makes her interesting. (Hisui)

She is a neat young lady with a beautiful face, excellent grades, and good cooking skills, but she also has a goofy part, and that gap is cute. (Sleep)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.12 Yuko Ichihara from “xxxHOLiC”

Yuko Ichihara from xxxHOLiC

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Year of release: 2006
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Original Story: “XXXHOLiC” by Clamp
Production Company: Production I.G
Theme Song: “19sai” by Suga Shikao
Official Site

No.12 is Yuko Ichihara from “xxxHOLiC,” which has also been made into a live-action movie. The anime is based on the manga “xxxHOLiC” by CLAMP, a creative group consisting of four manga artists. It is a fantasy work in which the story follows Yuko Ichihara, the owner of a mysterious wish-granting shop that grants any wish in exchange for the most precious thing, and a lonely high school student named Kimihiro Watanuki, who can see ayakashi spirits that haunt the dark corners of people’s hearts. Yuko Ichihara, with impressive long black hair and dressed in a kimono, is a witch with powerful powers that can even change people’s life. Despite her outstanding visuals and bewitching and mysterious atmosphere, her mischievousness is also one of her major attractions. She has also left so many words that touch the hearts of those who see her, making her overwhelmingly popular.

Reviews and comments

She is an adult woman with long black hair whom I admire very much. Her fashion is also stunning and she is one of my favorite characters in CLAMP’s works. (Pine)

I think she is the only person I can think of who has black hair, is mysterious, and looks good in a kimono (traditional Japanese garment). I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen because now that the series has currently stopped. (Mangazuki no hito)

I like her because she’s bewitching, sexy, teasing, selfish, but really kind and very attractive. I envy Kimihiro Watanuki who is always swayed by her. The costumes are always beautiful and I definitely fall in love with them. (Momo)

I like that she is bewitching and beautiful, but mischievous and cute at the same time. I also like the fact that she looks cold and gives accurate advice, but says practical things that move one’s heart. (Shy)

I admire her because she is like an ideal Japanese beauty, mysterious, and sexy, which all the elements necessary for a woman to be popular. I want to be stepped on by Yuko-san. (Yuzuyuri)

Yuko Ichihara-san is attractive because she looks mysterious. (Nekomanma no hito)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.12 Rukia Kuchiki from “BLEACH”

Rukia Kuchiki from BLEACH


Year of release: 2004
Director: Noriyuki Abe
Original Story: “BLEACH” by Tito Kubo
Production Company: Studio Pierrot
Theme Song: “ASTERISK” by Orange Range
Official Site

Also in 12th place is Rukia Kuchiki, a character from “BLEACH”. Based on the popular manga series that has sold more than 120 million copies worldwide, it features Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who has been assigned to act as a Shinigami, meaming death god. He is a regulator who maintains the balance between this world and the afterlife realm by putting souls to peaceful rest and fighting against lost souls called hollows, along with Rukia Kuchiki, a girl who has shared her powers of Soul Reaper with him, and his struggles to solve issues involving the evil spirit, Hollows. Rukia Kuchiki, a petite girl with semi-long black hair, is a Soul Reaper who serves as lieutenant of the 13th Division. She lost most of her powers when she transferred her powers to Ichigo, and she has been supporting him until her powers are restored. She is a popular character who has both cool and cute elements.

Reviews and comments

Rukia’s dignified behavior, which is probably because of her family background, is attractive. Her mischievous side, such as her love of rabbit goods, is also cute. (Hitode21)

She has a boyish appearance and is usually quite edgy, but I like her childish side, which matches her petite body, and her cute hobbies, such as her love of rabbit goods. (Monopoly)

I chose her because she is so cute that she likes strange things even though she is the one who gave the main character (Ichigo) her power.

I like that she is a multifaceted person who can do both serious and funny stuff. I think there is no such a unique character like her, so she is my favorite. (Fuyu no sanma)

She is a very strong character despite her small and slender appearance, and it is cool that she always trusts the main character Ichigo when she fights. I also like that she has a girlish side, such as her love of cute things. (Chiroru)

I chose Rukia because she is not just a female character who is always protected, but she can fight and gets stronger and stronger as the story goes on. I also like the way she cheers the main character (Ichigo) up. (Kaorin)

Ranking of the most popular female anime characters with black hair: No.12 Sawako Kuronuma from “Kimi ni Todoke”

Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke

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Year of release: 2009
Director: Hiro Kaburaki
Original Story: “Kimi ni Todoke”by Karuho Shiina
Production Company: Production I.G
Theme Song: “Kimi ni Todoke” by Tomofumi Tanizawa
Official Site

The 12th and last is Sawako Kuronuma, the main protagonist of “Kimi ni Todoke”. The anime is based on the popular manga by Karuho Shiina. It is a school coming-of-age story about the growth of the main character Sawako Kuronuma, who is feared by everyone and called “Sadako”, a character from a famous horror movie, because of her good character but gloomy appearance. Sawako Kuronuma, with her long black hair, is a first-year high school student who is feared to be psychic because of her appearance, despite her pure and honest character. While she does not fit in at all with her classmates, she gets involved in friendship and love with her classmates such as Shota Kazahaya, who is bright and popular in contrast to herself, Ayane Yano, who doesn’t care about rumors, Chizuru Yoshida, and Ryu Sanada, and her growth and her honest character grab fan’s heart.

Reviews and comments

I chose this work because I like this work. Sawako-chan, with her black straight hair, meets lovely friends and falls in wonderful love. No matter how many times I read it over and over again, my heart skips a beat. (Minonon)

I love that Sawako is beautiful and cute but doesn’t realize her charms and that she is hardworking, kind, and strong at her core. (Tsugumi)

Sawako has straight black hair, which is very classic, but I find it cute when she hides her face with her hair because she was not confident with herself. I become her fan when her life gets more colorful as she struggled with herself and fell in love. (Miyachi)

She is honest and pure, which makes me feel healed, and I want her to be happy because she went through hardships and she deserves it. Those characters who are too nice tend to be shunned in general, but for some reason she makes me want to root for her. (Ōgonki)

I love how she is honest and hard-working in everything she does, and although she is pure and cute, she also has her own thoughts and feelings and a strong core. (Kakitsubata)

Her silky, straight black hair is very impressive and suits her well. I like her gentle and girlish personality. (Kokoro)

Ranking of the most popular anime female characters with black hair: No.15 and below

No.15: Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”
No.15: Momoko Sakura from “Chibi Maruko-chan”
No.15: Minami Asakura from “Touch”
No.18: Yukino Yukinoshita from “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU”
No.18: Hinata Hyuga from “NARUTO”
No.18: Rachel Moore (Ran Mouri) from “Detective Conan”
No.21: Kyoko Otonashi from “Maison Ikkoku”
No.21: Miyuki Shiba from “The Irregular at Magic High School”
No.21: Kiyoko Shimizu from “Haikyuu!!”
No.21: Tomoyo Daidouji from “Cardcaptor Sakura”
No.21: Kagome Higurashi from “Inuyasha”
No.26: Sheeta from “Castle in the Sky”
No.26: Sailor Mars from “Sailor Moon”
No.26: Madoka Ayukawa from “Kimagure Orange Road”
No.26: Rin Tohsaka from “Fate/stay night”
No.26: Mitsuha Miyamizu from “Your Name”
No.26: Kanao Tsuyuri from “Demon Slayer”
No.26: Yui Kotegawa from “To LOVE Ru”
No.26: Sakura Shinguji from “Sakura Wars”
No.26: Haruko Akagi from “Slam Dunk”
No.26: Azusa Nakano from “K-ON!”
No.26: Akane Tendo from “Ranma 1/2”
No.26: Ririchiyo Shirakiin from “Inu×Boku SS”
No.26: Niko Yazawa from “Love Live!”
No.26: Kyuubei Yagyuu from “Gintama”
No.26: Ai Enma from “Hell Girl”

The most popular female anime characters with black hair Q&A

Q1 Who is the most popular female anime character with black hair?

According to a survey of 300 Japanese people, Yor Forger from “SPY×FAMILY” is the most popular female character. For more information, click here.

Q2 Which girl characters in anime have black hair?

Here is the list of girl characters with black hair. Yor Forger from “SPY×FAMILY”, Nico Robin from “ONE PIECE”, Mio Akiyama from “K-ON”, Nezoko Kamado from “Demon Slayer” and Mikasa Ackerman from “Attack on Titan”. For more information, click here.

Q3 What anime works have popular female characters with black hair?

According to a survey of 300 Japanese people, Demon Slayer, K-ON, Sailor Moon have popular girl characters. For more information, click here.


This article introduced the “Top 12 Most Popular Anime Female Characters with Black Hair.” Among the world’s most popular anime works, the results show a wide range of popular characters with black hair, from main characters to supporting characters.

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