​​Ranking of The 10 Strongest Male Anime Characters

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Who is the strongest male character in Japanese anime, such as Son Goku from “Dragon Ball” and Luffy from “ONE PIECE”?

This time, ANIME SAMURAI surveyed 300 Japanese people about strong male anime characters. The results are presented in a ranking format and the reasons for their choices.

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Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.1 Son Goku from “Dragon Ball”

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Release Year: 1986
Director of the series: Minoru Okazaki, Daisuke Nishio
Original work: “Dragon Ball” by Akira Toriyama
Production Company: Toei Animation
Theme Song: “Maka Fushigi Adventure” by Hiroki Takahashi
Official Website

The first place goes to Son Goku, the main character of “Dragon Ball.” The story is an adventure drama about Son Goku’s battle to collect the Dragon Balls, which are hidden treasures that will grant him a single wish if he collects all seven balls scattered around the world. Son Goku is a Saiyan, a fighting race born on the planet Vegeta. He fights against evil to protect his beloved earth and the people he cares about. In the five series produced so far, Goku continues to evolve from Saiyan to Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue), and his fighting power has increased so much that it is no longer possible to estimate. The number of Super Saiyan Gods has risen to the point where it is no longer possible to estimate their combat power. His unshakable popularity makes him the No.1 position in the ranking.

Reviews and comments

Every time he dies, he becomes stronger. I can even say he has infinite strength. After training, he becomes stronger. When he becomes a Super Saiyan, he becomes even stronger. There is no bottom to his strength. (Mamimoka)
He is a fighter who will fight again and again, and even if he loses, he will always come back stronger and defeat his opponents. He has a strong will not to give up. Goku is probably the strongest. (gam)

When it comes to strong men, I cannot think of characters other than Son Goku. He confronts his enemies and wins, even though he is covered in scars. Many of you may have even tried to copy his Kamehameha, and Genki-dama moves. (Mobu)

When he is almost defeated, he would awaken from it and win. I think he is the strongest character with overwhelming supernatural and physical abilities. (rua)

No one is stronger than Son Goku. He loves his wife, his children, and animals, and he saves the universe as a matter of course. (Dora)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.2 Saitama from “One-Punch Man”

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Release Year: 2015
Director: Shingo Natsume
Original Work: “One-Punch Man” by ONE, Murata Yasume
Production Company: Mad House
Official Website

In second place is Saitama, the hero of “One-Punch Man.” The story is a gag action based on the original work of the ONE on the website since 2009. The story depicts the strongest hero, Saitama, who can defeat any enemy with a single punch, seeking a strong enemy in his boring days. After saving a child from a monster he met by chance, Saitama trains hard for three years to become a hero, as becoming a hero is his childhood dream. As a result of his overtraining, he has acquired an invincible strength that can defeat any enemy with a single punch. The anime is highly popular in Japan and overseas and is going to be made into a live-action Hollywood movie by the staff who worked on the “Spider-Man” series.

Reviews and comments

I choose him because he has the highest level of attack and defense, is resistant to all types of attacks, and is the strongest being who ignores all environments and will not die no matter what he does. (Kurotto)

He is just so strong! He is the strongest protagonist who solves most things with one punch, just like the title says. If all the anime characters were to appear and compete for strength, he would still be the strongest. (Kosukeneko)

Saitama wins with a single punch without even getting into a crisis. It’s very impressive to see him win with ease. I cannot imagine him losing. (Duo7)

In terms of simple fighting ability and physical strength, Saitama stands out. In addition to his overwhelming speed that even twists time and space, the way he defeats all kinds of enemies and obstacles with a single fist is worthy of being called the strongest. Even more frightening is that he has yet to be described to fight seriously. (Albin)

I chose him because he has the overwhelming offensive power to defeat any opponent with a single punch and the physical ability to travel from the moon to the earth in an instant. I cannot imagine him being defeated by any opponent. (Yama ni sumu kujira)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.3 Monkey D. Luffy from “ONE PIECE”

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Release Year: 1999
Series structure: Junki Takegami, Hirohiko Uesaka, Shoji Yonemura
Original Work: “ONE PIECE” by Eiichiro Oda
Production Company: Fuji TV, Toei Animation
Theme Song: “We are!” by Hiroshi Kitadani
Official Website

In third place is Monkey D. Luffy, the main character of “ONE PIECE.” The story is based on Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga, which has sold more than 410 million copies in Japan, and tells the story of Luffy, a young boy who yearns to become the pirate king, and his friends as they go on a great adventure to find “One Piece, the Greatest Treasure of All. Luffy is the captain of the pirate Straw Hat Pirates who dreams of conquering the great passage, so-called Grand Line and becoming the Pirate King. He is a rubbery human who has acquired the ability of “rubber-rubber fruit” and fights using techniques such as gear, which uses his entire body like a pump to increase his physical abilities. He can also use the “sovereign HAKI,” which can only be acquired by a few and is extremely popular for his strong conviction in his fights.

Reviews and comments

He is the strongest because of his friends and his strong beliefs. (Kakumeigun)

He is not only strong in battle but also has the wisdom to defeat various enemies with only his rubbery abilities and strong bonds with his friends, making him the strongest in both mentally and physically. (Misusuke)

He has overwhelming strength. He has power, and I respect him because he is mentally and humanly strong. That’s what I like about him. (Moma)

I chose him because I believe that he is not afraid of being beaten no matter how many times he is beaten, that he can fight strong opponents on equal terms, and above all, that his heart is stronger than anyone else’s. (Sen)

He is so strong and has so many different kinds of attacks that are far beyond human strength. He never dies, no matter how strong the enemy’s attacks are, and he always wins. I was torn between him and Son Goku from Dragon Ball, but I chose Luffy because Goku sometimes dies. (Yasata)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.4 Kenshiro from “Fist of the North Star”

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Release Year: 1984
Series Director: Toyoo Ashida
Original Work: “First of the North Star” by Buronson (Original Work) and Tetsuo Hara (Drawings)
Production Company: Toei Animation
Theme Song: “Ai Wo Torimodose!!” by Crystal King
Official Website

No.4 is Kenshiro, the main character of “Fist of the North Star.” It is based on the popular comic that has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. This hard-boiled action film depicts Kenshiro, the legendary assassin Kenshinken, growing up to become a savior at the end of the century when civilization has been lost due to nuclear war and violence has taken over the world. The anime series has become a huge hit due to the popularity of Kenshiro’s signature lines, such as “You are already dead” and the cries of the villains as they scream their demons. Kenshiro is the 64th master of Hokuto Shinken, the strongest assassin’s fist ever handed down from one generation to the next. He is kind-hearted toward the weak like children but cold-hearted and ruthless toward powerful enemies. He fights with love and sorrow in his fists.

Reviews and comments

He can kill people just by touching them and easily dodge pistol rounds and even cannonballs. Moreover, he has the monstrous strength to bend the cannon part of a tank with his bare hands. He is too strong. (Yasu)

I believe that he is by far the strongest in the history of the world in terms of his ability to survive and fight. Not only is he the strongest, but he is probably also the best in the content of living for love! (Moko)

I think it’s amazing that he is kind to people and has no mercy towards evil, and above all, he’s the strongest when he wins, in the end, no matter what kind of enemy he fights. (Mofu Mofu)

He has the strength and composure to overcome his weaknesses with his strong mentality and tireless efforts, find his opponent’s weaknesses, and win the next battle. I admire his ability to see through the line between life and death with various powerful enemies and calmly proceed with the battle. I also like the passionate heart hidden in his calmness and the occasional glimpse of intensity. I also feel his strength in the way he is full of compassion for the weak. Strong people are kind to the weak. (Maron55)

He is an invincible assassin and Hokuto Shinken master. He is not only physically strong but also mentally strong enough to withstand adversity. He is well-liked and blessed with collaborators. (ossan@kankyonin)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.4 Satoru Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen”


Release Year: 2020
Director: Park Sunghoo
Original Work: “Jujutsu Kaisen” by Gege Akutami
Production Company: MAPPA
Theme Song: “Kaikai Kitan” by Eve
Official Website

Also in fourth place is Satoru Gojo, a character from “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The story is a dark fantasy battle work depicting a group of sorcerers fighting with the power of curses to exorcise monsters born from negative human emotions. The main character is a high school student, Yuji Itadori, who has been hunted down by the spirit curse and has obtained the power of the curse by eating the sealed finger of the king of the curse, “Ryomen Sukuna,” which has terrifying magical power. Satoru Gojo, a teacher at the training school for spellcasters where Yuji is enrolled, is the strongest spellcaster in the world by his admission and by others. He is a handsome man with special eyes called “Rikugan”, also called Six Eyes. He always wears a cloth or sunglasses to blindfold his eyes except during battle. His overwhelming strength, enables him to easily defeat even a cursed high-class object, and it attracts his fans.

Reviews and comments

He can see through the abilities and techniques of his opponents and can even move instantaneously and levitate in the air. Just a little light use of power has tremendous destructive power. (umi)

He’s the strongest man I know. He lives a few seconds ahead of people, always has time to spare, and most of all, he is the strongest and best teacher because he is so good-looking. (Shio konbu)

He is cloaked in the space of infinity around himself, so it is unlikely that he will be hit by an enemy’s attack. He also reigns as the most powerful character in the Jujutsu Kaisen. (Yuyu)

As the line “Don’t worry, I’m the strongest!” shows, Gojo Satoru’s Hollow: Purple was unbelievably awesome. Even the special class spirits ran away. (Full Metal)

It is said that he is the strongest at work and that there is no way to defeat him. Moreover, he is cool, tall, and flawless on the outside. (Ramihasata)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.6 Doraemon from “Doraemon”

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Release Year: 1973
Director: Mitsuo Kaminashi
Original Work: “Doraemon” by Fujiko F Fujio
Production Company: Nippon TV
Theme Song: “Doraemon” by Harumi Naitou & Gekidan NLT
Official Website

No.6 is Doraemon, the main character of “Doraemon.” The story is a science fiction that depicts the daily life of Doraemon, a cat-shaped robot from the 22nd century in the future, and Nobita Nobi, an elementary school student who is not good at studying or playing sports. Doraemon comes to Nobita to help him grow up and change the history of his descendants, who will be left with a huge debt in the future, and to save Nobita, who is not good at studying and hard work, with a wide variety of personal tools that he takes out of the four-dimensional pocket in his stomach. Doraemon is so powerful that he is exceptionally well known as one of Japan’s most popular national characters. He provides attractive items everyone wants, such as “Hopter” which allows him to fly, and the “Anywhere Door” which allows him to go anywhere.

Reviews and comments

He is the strongest character because he can use a variety of secret tools that suit different situations, and he can utilize tools in a wide range of areas. (Tenten)
He has a lot of secret tools, and with those secret tools, I think he can defeat any opponent, and I thought he was the strongest of any character. (Mia)

Although he’s not an aggressive character, I don’t see him losing in terms of his possession of a large number of secret tools with powerful effects that can twist even the laws of the world. (svd0625)

Doraemon’s greatest weapon is his four-dimensional pocket. It can hold an unlimited number of objects, and I don’t think any other anime character could compete with him if he uses it. However, Doraemon’s greatest weakness is the fact that he is a rat, and there is a possibility that he could be killed before he can retrieve the items in his four-dimensional pocket, so there is a subtle aspect to this. (Hidepon)

Doraemon, who can use the secret tools, is the strongest since physically strong characters have competing strengths. With Truthbeaker and What-If Phone Booth, we can come true to everything we want to realize! (Au)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.7 Rimuru Tempest (sexless character) from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”

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Release Year: 2018
Director: Yasuhito Kikuchi
Original Work: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime by Fuse
Production Company: Eight Bit
Theme Song: “Nameless Story” by Takuma Terushima
Official Website

The seventh place goes to Rimuru Tempest, the main character of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”. The story is about a businessman, Satoru Mikami, who was stabbed to death by a street demon and reincarnated as a slime in a different world where dragons, goblins, dwarves, ogres, and many other races thrive. The game is a reincarnation entertainment that depicts a world in which various races, such as dragons, goblins, dwarves, and ogres, thrive while utilizing their skills. Rimuru Tempest is the name that Satoru Mikami acquired in the other world, and since he is a slime, he has no gender. He has a neutral face that can be seen as either a beautiful boy or a beautiful girl, with long azure-silver hair and golden eyes. His attack power is endlessly high, and he can nullify various attacks, making him strong beyond his level.

Reviews and comments

He was the weakest slime in the beginning, but thanks to his skill of absorption, he has become the most powerful character in the world. Furthermore, Rimuru is the strongest because of his personality. His personality that attracts people is evident from the fact that there are competent people around him. It can be said that he is the strongest not only in his own abilities but also in those of his friends who surround him. (Piero)
At first, I wondered how the main character, who was reincarnated as a slime, would fight. I thought he would be weak, but he is a cheat character who can transform into human form and manipulate many skills. I chose him because he is a kind character who loves his friends and is strong in battle, mentally and visually. (Takanashi*)

Rimuru, who doesn’t feel pain and doesn’t need blood, has steadily increased his skills from the current situation, and he is invincible in battle thanks to Raphael-san. (nagomi)

He is a cheat character who possesses an extraordinary number of skills, and each skill is too strong. You can’t imagine how strong he is from the slime he looks like. (Ringo)

He has four Ultimate Skills, which even the Demon Lords of Octagram have only one or so.
He is the weakest demon slime, but he has the title of Demon Lord, possesses cheat abilities, and is unbeatable in battle. I chose him because he can become even stronger in the future. (Gon)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.8 Zenoh from “Dragon Ball Super”

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Release Year: 2015
Series Directors: Tatsuya Nagamine, Ryota Nakamura
Original Work: Akira Toriyama(Draft)
Production Company: Toei Animation
Theme Song: “Cho-Zets Dynamic!” by Kazuya Yoshii
Official Website

No.8 is Zenoh, a character from “Dragon Ball Super.” Following Son Goku at No.1, Zenoh is choosen as a strong character from the “Dragon Ball” series. He appears in the fifth series, which began with the first “Dragon Ball” series. He is the supreme god of the Dragon Ball world, reigning at the top of all the gods in the universe from the first to the twelfth, and possesses the absolute power of annihilation. If the king of the entire universe says, “disappear,” he can instantly wipe out the whole universe, not to mention any existence or concept, so no one would dare challenge him to a fight. He is undoubtedly the most powerful being.

Reviews and comments

He is one of the top gods from the first to the twelfth universes. His fighting ability is immeasurably outstanding. Without a doubt, he is the number one character! (Yan-Yan)
I think he is the most superior being in the Dragon Ball universe and has the power to eliminate the universe in an instant, so there is no way to beat him. (Raito)

He’s like the supreme god of Dragon Ball, with characters who are so strong that they can destroy planets and wipe out an entire universe just by saying, “disappear!” (Tanaka)

Zenoh is literally “the king of all kings.” He is a cute figure, but when he becomes angry, the entire universe is in danger of disappearing. (mi)

When it comes to strong anime characters of all time, Dragon Ball series are hard to miss because of its big scale. Goku, the main character, was always the strongest, but Zenoh can make everything disappear without a fight. It is no longer an absurd setup. I chose him because there is no way anyone could win. (eitamakun)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters No.8: Yujiro Hanma from “Baki The Grappler”

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Release Year: 2001
Director: Hitoshi Namba (episode1-24), Katsuyoshi Yatabe (episode 25-48)
Original Work: “Baki The Grappler” by Keisuke Itagaki
Production Company: Group TAC
Theme Song: “Ai believe” by Ryoko Aoyagi
Official Website

No.8 is Yujiro Hanma, a character from “Baki the Grappler.” The story is based on Keisuke Itagaki’s popular comic series, which sold 85 million copies. It is a fighting drama centering on the main character, Baki Hanma, the undefeated champion of an underground arena, and his father, Yujiro Hanma, the strongest creature on earth. The anime has been broadcast up to the third series. For Baki, Yujiro Hanma is not only his father but also the enemy with whom he has the closest relationship. He is the strongest fighter in the “Baki” series and has never been defeated.

Reviews and comments

I chose him because I have a sense that he has been the strongest since his birth and because he has the unbelievable fighting ability to have destroyed an American Special Forces unit. (Hanako)
He has the power to stop even earthquakes with his strength, so whom should we call the strongest if we dom’t call him the strongest? (Mark)

He can defeat any opponent instantly and has a strength that overwhelms others. I also choose him because he is the strongest creature on earth, having never been defeated in the past. (Mikoshi)

“The U.S. signed a treaty of friendship with Yujiro Hanma because he is too strong. If not, Yujiro Hanma alone has the power to destroy the United States. Yujiro Hanma is probably the strongest.(nikoniko)

It is the strongest creature on earth, and its strength with just its power and fists, without the use of beams or abilities, is of a different dimension. Also, it is so biologically dangerous that countries decide to possess nuclear weapons the moment it is born.(eru.ruru)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.10 Luckyman from “Tottemo! Luckyman”

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Release Year: 1994
Director: Urasawa Yoshio(Series Configuration)
Original Work: “Tottemo!Luckyman” by Hiroshi Gamo
Production Company: TV Tokyo, Yomiuri Advertising, Studio Pierrot
Theme Song: “Luckyman Song” by Aki Yashiro
Official Website

Tenth place goes to Luckyman, the main character of “Tottemo! LuckyMan.” It is based on the popular comic book by Hiroshi Gamo published in 1993. The story is a comedy about Luckyman, a hero whose weapon is just luck, and his friends. Lucky Man is Yoichi Tsuitenai, a junior high school student with the worst luck in Japan. One day, he is suddenly trapped under an alien UFO and dies but is brought back to life by merging with the original Luckyman, who has the most luck in the universe. Since then, Yoichi has acquired the ability to transform, and as Luckyman, he protects the peace of the entire universe from vicious invaders using only his luck. With his luck being the result of coincidence upon coincidence, his opponents’ fighting abilities no longer mean anything to him.

Reviews and comments

He is the strongest because he solves almost all problems with his luck. Sometimes he gets into tense situations, but I think he has the strongest luck because he is survived in the end. (Karakuama).
He is lucky anyway, and everything in the world works in his favor, so he makes all the other characters’ talents and abilities nothing. (Ogi)

No matter how strong the opponent is, there is no way to beat him because he can evade all attacks with his own luck. Depending on the situation, the opponent may even self-destruct. (emawith)
He can defeat any enemy by his luck alone. Perhaps no matter how strong characters appear, he can get lucky and win by parrying attacks. (Courage)

Luckyman can’t be beaten no matter whom he fights and no matter how strong the opponent because something lucky always happens to him. (ruk)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.10 Kankichi Ryotsu from “Kochikame:Tokyo Beat Cops”

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Release Year: 1996
Director: Tetsuo Yasumi, Shin Misawa, Shinji Takamatsu,Yoshihiro Takamoto, Akira Shigino
Original Work: Kochikame: Tokyo Beat Cops” by Osamu Akimoto
Production Company: Studio Gallop
Theme Song: “Natu Ga Kita! (Diamond Head)” by Jyoousama
Official Website

The tenth place and the last is Kankichi Ryotsu, the main character of “Kochikame: Tokyo Beat Cops,” a very popular manga that has sold a total of 156.5 million copies and has been adapted into an anime, live-action drama, and movie. The comedy depicts the daily life of Kankichi Ryotsu, a police sergeant at the Kameari Koen mae Police Station in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, and his co-workers and the people around him. Ryotsu Kankichi has a wild style: a muscular, bushy body, square-cropped hair and stubble, and his trademark thick eyebrows connected in an M-shape. He always surprises those around him with his unimaginative and unprecedented behavior. He often gets into trouble, but he is loved and called “Ryo-san” because of his loyal and humane nature. Going his own way, Ryosan is genuinely the strongest!

Reviews and comments

Kankichi Ryotsu is the strongest in that he is inhuman in many ways, such as his toughness and the amount of money he owes. (Yukki)
I chose him because he has survival skills that allow him to live strongly in any environment. Moreover, he has a physical strength far beyond that of humans. (Yaho Yaho).

I chose him because I can’t imagine him dying, and I think he can withstand any kind of shock. (Mama)

He is an all-around type who is both a fighter and a strategist. Above all, he is a strong and persistent bad-luck type with a life force comparable to that of a cockroach. Even if he dies, he will likely become a spirit and do something. (The strongest life form on earth, G)

Ryo-san seems like an ordinary police officer, but I think he is the strongest character because no matter what kind of danger he is in, he will get hurt but will never die. (Hidepon)

Ranking of the Strongest Male Anime Characters: No.12 and below

No.12: Frieza from “Dragon Ball”
No.12: Levi Ackerman from “Attack on Titan.”
No.12: Kusuo Saiki from “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”
No.15: Naruto Uzumaki from “NARUTO”
No.15: Meruem from “HUNTER×HUNTER”
No.15: Makoto Kyogoku from “Detective Conan”
No.15: Tanjiro Kamado from “Demon Slayer”
No.19: Kars from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”
No.19: Suguru Kinniku from “Kinnikuman”
No.19: Yusuke Urameshi from “Yu Yu Hakusho”
No.19: Conan Edogawa from “Detective Conan”
No.19: Gintoki Sakata from “Gintama”
No.24: Ash Ketchum from “Pocket Monster”
No.24: Giorno Giovanna by “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind”
No.24: Yhwach from “BLEACH”
No.24: Roronoa Zoro from “ONE PIECE”
No.24: Accelerator from “A Certain Scientific Railgun”
No.24: Muzan Kibutsuji from “Demon Slayer”
No.24: Jotaro Kujo from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”
No.24: Gohan from “Dragon Ball”
No.24: Kenshin Himura from “Rurouni Kenshin”
No.33: Edward Elric from “Fullmetal Alchemist”
No.33: Sebastian Michaelis from “Black Butler”
No.33: Broly from “Dragon Ball Super”
No.33: Lelouch Lamperouge from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”
No.33: Shigeo Kageyama from “Mob Psycho 100”
No.33: Heihachi Edajima from “Sakigake!! Otokojuku”
No.33: Ryo Saeba from “City Hunter”
No.33: Koro-sensei from “Assasination Classroom”
No.33: Light Yagami from “DEATH NOTE”
No.33: Sosuke Aizen from “BLEACH”
No.33: Kyojuro Rengoku from “Demon Slayer”

The strongest male anime characters Q&A

Q1 Who is the strongest anime character?

According to a survey of 300 Japanese people, Son Goku from “Dragon Ball” is selected as the strongest character in anime. For more information, click here.
<style=”font-weight: 400;”>Q2 What anime have powerful characters?

According to a survey of 300 Japanese people, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, and ONE PIECE have powerful characters. For more information, click here

Q3 Who are the strong characters in anime?

Here is the list of strong characters. Son Goku from “Dragon Ball” / Saitama from “One-Punch Man” / Luffy from “ONE PIECE” / Kenshiro from “Fist of the North Star” / Satoru Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen”. For more information, click here.


This article introduces the “Ranking of Top 10 Strongest Male Anime Characters”.
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